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Unique Business Ideas

Unique business ideas can often be real money-makers.  While many traditional businesses can be very successful, sometimes that little different edge can be the thing that sets your business apart from the rest. 

The boomer generation is known for doing things on our own terms and that includes business.  While many of us are successful at more traditional ventures, some of us like to step outside that traditional box and try something a bit more adventurous, novel, different - dare I say it - even a little bit crazy!

If you have looked at different business ideas and have decided they are just not for you, don't give up.  I have been researching and have found some very real but very unique business ideas.  Take a look at some of them for a bit of creative inspiration! 

Pet Hotel – Now that my little dog Bob is getting up there in age, I don't take him traveling with me as often as I used to.  Having a place to take him while I am away from home is a relief for me and a nice way to earn extra money for the people who board him.  They are not a full-fledged pet hotel yet but they are in the process!  What makes them different from a regular kennel is the quality of the space.  For example, at a facility called Ani-Pals Pet Resort, the space for Bob would stay in one of 38 indoor / outdoor dog suites, each sized at 8x4 feet indoors, and 8x4 feet outdoors. In addition, there are 4 16x6 indoor / outdoor luxury suites, featuring a television to keep your pet company, and a view of the indoor waterfall and garden. 

Painting with a Twist - Painting with a Twist is a franchise, but if you can afford the investment, sometimes a franchise is a great way to start a business.  I love this particular idea, because I am an artist at heart who unfortunately has absolutely NO artistic talent.  So to be able to go and paint and socialize and not feel self conscious is a wonderful way to spend a girls night out or birthday or any other type of get-together.  And if the idea of a franchise doesn't thrill you, perhaps you have a skill or talent that you could use to base a similar type of business around.  Cooking with a Twist?  Sewing with a Twist?  Scrapbooking?  Gardening? 

Party Sitters - another great unique business idea!  Party Sitters, LLC offers professional on-site event child care services for events from weddings to corporate parties.  I don't have to worry about sitters for my children anymore.  But I am often pressed into service as sitter for my grandchildren.  I love being able to spend time with them, but sometimes their mom and I want to do something together.  If it's a big event like a party, dinner, or reception, then having a business like Party Sitters in the area would be a godsend. 

Marriage Proposals - Yes, that's right.  Marriage proposals.  A very unique business called Perfect Proposal promises to help men create exactly that - the perfect marriage proposal.  Are you great at planning events?  Choosing something unique and unusual could be the way to set yourself apart from the crowd.

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