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Success stories. Everybody loves them. And there so many of them out there. Some from people who have helped me. Some from people I have helped. I have met so many wonderful people since starting my own business. Now I want you to meet them too! So, I am interviewing each of them and each week I will share an interview with you. We'll talk about how and why they started their business, what it took to be successful, and practical tips to help you along the way. If they have resources they have used to start or build their business, we will share them with you. Prepare to meet some of the most talented, dynamic, and successful entrepreneurs. Take notes - because what they will teach you can change your life!

Each of these entrepreneurs are not only successful business owners, but they are just wonderful people. I would highly recommend you get to know each and every one of them. They are full of advice and experience that they love to share. So check out their websites, look at their businesses, read their blogs. Connect to them on Twitter, FaceBook, and LinkedIn. Read their books. When you can afford to, attend their events. Get to know them as I have. I can promise you won't regret it. And when you do, tell them you found them on Boomer Business Ideas.

Take what you learn from each of them, and who knows? Soon we might be sharing your success story! So be sure to chart your own progress. I might just be calling you for an interview. Boomer Business Ideas Home PopArtDiva Betty Lynch Pam Archer Linda Gracy Craig Bruun Heidi Caswell Joyce Mason Angela Nardis Horevitz Julee and Charlie Her Mitzi Lane Onno van den Bovenkamp Survivor Jack Eileen Williams The Lemon Cat Kathie Thomas Sue Blumenfeld Pamela Gail Johnson Bea Kunz

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