Starting a Janitorial Service

Starting a janitorial service is a bit different from starting other businesses. While many home businesses can be started with little or no investment up front, you will need some cash to start a janitorial service - mostly for equipment and cleaning supplies. I am not talking about maid service. This is about starting a commercial janitorial service. The type of service that targets companies and organizations, not residences. Bigger jobs mean bigger equipment and more supplies so you will need to have some money for this one.

Although you will have to invest some money up front, a janitorial service typically starts making money fairly quickly. And depending on your marketing niche, it can also offer a great deal of flexibility. This means you can start part time and keep your job while you build your business. You can work out of your home instead of renting office space. You can start out on your own and add additional staff as your business grows.

Starting a janitorial service doesn't require special training. If you know how to use basic cleaning tools, you can get started. Nor does it require any special certification in most states. However, many customers will require you to have liability insurance before doing business with you. This will cover any damage you or your staff may do to their equipment or building. You will also want to be bonded. Bonding covers you if an employee is ever caught stealing from a customer. You can usually purchase a fidelity bond from the same company you purchase your liability insurance.

This is one business that has continued to survive and even thrive in today's tough economic times. If you know how to get things clean, don't mind some hard work to get started, and aren't looking for a "glamour" job, this could be the business for you.

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