Starting A Career Coaching Business

Imagine making a living helping others achieve success. Starting a career coaching business will allow you to do just that.

It is estimated that the average individual today will change careers at least 7 times in their lifetime.

As a career coach, you help clients evaluate their skills, aptitudes, and interests. You might also provide other services such as resume writing or honing interview skills.

Most of your clients will be individuals, but it is possible to gain some corporate clients as well. Individuals who may need career coaching include recent college graduates, military spouses or individuals leaving the military, women returning to the workforce, and fired or laid-off employees. Corporations may retain your services if they are about to go through a downsizing or to help with spouse relocation if when an employee transfers.

Once you have gained some recognition, you can offer seminars and workshops of your own to earn additional income.

Starting a career coaching business is much like starting any other business. There is no special degree or licensing required. Create your business plan, deciding which services you will offer. Will you focus on individual clients, corporate clients, or a mixture of both? Will you work from home or an office? Will you need to outsource some services such as typing client resumes?

It is important to project a professional image business so you will definitely want to hire a professional to design your letterhead, business cards, and brochures.

Career coaching could soon become a booming business. With the job market remaining tight, more and more individuals may turn to career coaches to help them regain employment. Boomer Business Ideas Home Top Business Ideas

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