Network Marketing

Yes, network marketing! Before you turn away saying this can never work for me, let me assure you it can. It works for many people all over the world every day. It is one of the most successful marketing concepts ever created. You just have to understand what it is and how it works.

Network marketing is a method for selling and distributing products or services. It works on the principle that the most successful way to build a business with new and returning customers is through word of mouth or through integrated online marketing that then promotes one person telling another about the business.

Building a multi-level marketing business relies on three things: 1) You will buy the products you are promoting. Many companies require you to make a minimum purchase to receive a commission. But even if they don't, using the products yourself just makes sense. Would you buy a Ford from someone that refused to buy one himself? If you aren't familiar with the products, you are going to have a difficult time with the next step which is...

2) Selling your products to customers. Yes, you are going to have to sell products and/or services. The beauty of network marketing is that you don't have to deliver the products, store them in inventory, bill the customer, or worry about collecting payment. That is all done by the company you are part of. You simply find customers, show them how to place their orders, and collect your check.

3) Selling products and services will make you some income. But it's unlikely to make you financially secure. Which brings us to the last step - recruiting other business builders. Depending on which company you are with it is called your downline or your team or your chain or your organization. Whatever you call it, it is a vital piece of making money with network marketing. In MLM, the money you earn is based on all the sales made within your organization whether they are by you or your distributors. It is easy to see how a fully functioning team can lead to generous and ongoing commissions.

This may sound overly simplistic. But it really is this simple. The trick is knowing which company is right for you and learning how to market your opportunity and products. Boomer Business Ideas Home Women's Dream Team Youngevity Amway Herbalife ACN SendOutCards

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