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Man and Van Business Ideas

What is a man and van business?  Well, if you have a van and you are a man (or woman!), you can have a business.  Really! 

What can you do with just a van?  Here are some ideas:

1.  Delivery Service - I just recently bought an antique table from a friend.  And after paying for it, we realized that neither of us have a truck or a van.  I was finally able to get my husband to pick it up for me.  But between his work schedule, my friend's work schedule, and my busy schedule (you didn't think I would let the guys move it by themselves did you?), it took almost two weeks to get it moved.  I would gladly have paid a delivery service to pick it up for me.

2.  Flower Delivery Service - We have several small flower shops in town.  Most of them didn't have their own delivery service for years.  My father-in-law leased his van to them to make their deliveries.  He also drove the van because he loved interacting with people.  He got to do the thing he loved and these small shops didn't have the expense of a full-time delivery service.  In

3.  Courier Service - This is just like a delivery service, only with messages, packages, and letters.  If I need something delivered to one of the neighboring towns quickly and can't afford to wait for the mail, I can call a local courier service to pick it up and deliver it for me.

4.  Specialty Delivery Service - Many items require special care when being transported:  Antiques, art, motorcycles, pianos.  If you are willing to take the extra steps necessary to successfully transport these items, you can carve out a nice niche business for yourself.  Competition in these areas is usually much less than a generic delivery service. 

5.  Removal Service - There are plenty of people who need stuff hauled off from their home or business. 

These are five easy ideas for a man and van business.  There are probably hundreds more I haven't thought of.  But if have a van, you can have a business.

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