Blogging is an easy way to get started in the internet marketing world. In fact, that's how I started. And I didn't even know exactly what a blog was at that time. If you don't either, let me explain. A blog is a chronologically based website. You can publish articles such as I do on BoomerBusinessCoach and Parties That Wow. Or you can just share your experiences and ideas like we do on The Adventures of Traveling Bob. And with services like Blogger and WordPress, you can have a blog up and running for free in practically no time.

Great right? But how do you make money? Surely no one is going to pay to read my stuff! You're right. No one pays to read mine either. But I still have made good money just by blogging. Here's how,

First, I have placed Google AdSense on all my blogs. It has worked amazingly well for me, bringing in a steady stream of income. It's easy to set up (even a non-techie like me was able to figure it out).

Second, I use my blogs to promote my affiliate programs. Not only do I mention them when it's appropriate in an article (Solo Build It in articles about web hosting and design for example), but I also have links to many of them on the blogs as well. You can also use your blog to promote your own products, eBooks, or services.

Third, it has helped me build name recognition. When I first started, no one knew me. But now, people have gotten to hear my ideas and I have built a loyal following. By gaining recognition, I have been asked to write articles for others or to speak at different events, for which I am paid. Granted, this does not come directly from blogging, but the blog is what gave me my initial entry into online marketing.

There are many other ways you can use your blog to earn money. I am not an expert. But I can recommend someone who is - Darren Rowse aka ProBlogger. I have learned a great deal from him. If you really want to earn money blogging, you need to get to know him. Boomer Business Ideas Home Internet Business Ideas BoomerBusinessCoach The Adventures of Traveling Bob Parties That Wow!

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