Become a Computer Consultant

What does it take to become a computer consultant? Do you have experience in the field of computers? Or a degree in Information Technology? Or both? Turn that knowledge and experience into a business as a computer consultant.

I know what you are thinking. There’s a computer consultant on every street corner. Is there room for one more? Sure if you do it correctly. The trick is to find the right type of consulting business. I have a client who makes quite a nice living doing just this – because she found the right target market and specialized her business.

Keri specializes in teaching seniors (55+) about computers, the internet, and social networking. More and more of us are wanting to become proficient at this for a variety of reasons – to maintain contact with friends and family across the country (or around the world), to supplement retirement income with a home based business, to be able to research information pertaining to their lifestyles, and just to have fun. By helping them choose the right equipment for their needs and then helping them learn to use it, Keri brings peace of mind and connection to this newest generation of computer users and gets paid for her services. She also teaches classes at local senior centers for free. This has brought her a couple of contracts with new retirement and assisted living centers who called her to help them set up computer centers in their facilities.

How do you become a computer consultant? First this is one place where the degree and/or the experience help. If you don’t have them, get them. It’s hard to be a consultant if you can’t prove you know what you are talking about. Don’t think you have to know all there is about computers to get started, though. You just have to know more than your target market. Depending on your specialty, you may already have most of the skills and training you need. So start by assessing your skills and knowledge. Then match those with your interests to see if that helps you hone in on a specialty.

Once you have made that decision, you start this business just like any other. Determine how much money will be needed to start your business? Do you already have the equipment you need? What will it cost for business cards, a website, and perhaps some brochures? Will you need funding for these items? How will you market your business? Seminars or workshops could get you some free PR. Do you have friends in your target market that can help you? Do a little networking. With the right set of skills, it may be easier than you think to become a computer consultant. Why not see if it’s the answer for you? Boomer Business Ideas Home Top Business Ideas

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