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I wasn't always an entrepreneur. This is actually my second (or maybe third) career. I started my professional life as a Cryptologist in the U.S. Navy. It was a wonderful experience and to this day, I sometimes miss the camaraderie and challenge of Naval service. But they told me we all have to retire sometime and my children were ready to settle down. So in 1993 my husband and I both retired from the Navy.

Not knowing anything except military service, my next move was difficult to figure out. There just aren't a lot of job openings for Russian-speaking cryptologists in Northwest Arkansas, especially in 1993. But I finally found a job working in sales and marketing for a bio-tech company. As regulations got stricter and stricter, I discovered I had a knack for sorting through all the regulations and red tape and teaching others what they needed to know. I loved putting all the information together and sharing it with others. I always felt a little rush when I could see the spark in their eyes that said "I get it!" In fact, I still do. So when the opportunity came along to work for the local Girl Scout Council as their Adult Development Manager, I jumped at the chance. Now I could do all of the training and coaching I wanted.

Unfortunately, nonprofits do not pay well and I needed to make more money. And just as I was wondering how I would do that, the opportunity to join one of the largest site selection companies in the world presented itself. Now I didn't know much about meeting planning or site selection, but I figured I could learn and so I joined the company and embarked on my first taste of entrepreneurship. True, it wasn't my company, but as an independent affiliate, I had to build and grow my own client base. That experience taught me a lot. More importantly, it introduced me to people who would be instrumental in the next path my life would take.

In 2000 my mother passed away. My father had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's several years previously and was not able to care for himself. I had long ago promised him I would never put him in a nursing home if I could find a way around it. And so I had to find a way to make enough to support my family and him and stay home. The site selection business was making money but just not enough and it required more travel than I was willing to do with my dad now living with me. Every day I searched and prayed for the answer. And I discovered it in the last place I would have thought.

As a meeting planner, one of my clients was marketing expert Ken McArthur. After helping with many of his events, I decided to attend one to see what they are all about. While there, I met two others who, along with Ken, set me down the road I'm on today. After a wonderful presentation by Carrie Wilkerson (aka The Barefoot Executive), I knew that I wanted what she had. Then I had the chance to meet Bob Jenkins (aka Bob the Teacher). He gave me some great advice on how to get started online. After spending time with them, I knew I wanted to be like them. But I still didn't know how to start.

Shortly after the event, I was home and still wondering how to make this home business thing work. I bumped into a friend who was active in a network marketing business and she encouraged me to join. I did and it has been very successful. I was also dabbling in affiliate marketing at this point and found that it too was making me some money. I studied and learned all I could. I read everything Ken, Carrie, and Bob - and many others - wrote. I bought their products and subscribed to their emails. Along the way I discovered that I was starting to make money. Not a lot at first, but enough to live on.

I continued to study and network with other successful online marketers. The more I learned the more money I made. It was wonderful to have enough to help my family and friends, take care of my dad, contribute to my church, and to my community. Then the economy started to falter and many of my friends were being "downsized." As more and more of them came to me for advice, I realized at last what I was supposed to do. I had learned so much through the years. I had the opportunity to get advice from some of the best in the business. Now it was my turn to share. And so BoomerBizCoach was born.

I am still studying and learning. I am also teaching and coaching others. And I still get excited when I see that flash that lets me know I have made an impact on someone else. It's the best feeling in the world. Now let me share what I have learned with you. And then it will be your turn to pass it on. Boomer Business Ideas Home

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