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The Brag Bag

Lately, every self-help book I've read has been saying the same thing. What you focus on grows.

I was looking at some old Girl Scout Badge books last night. I was cleaning out the garage and found my old book and my daughter's. I was looking at a few of the badges, especially the ones related to business and careers. Many of them had changed between my Girl Scout years and my daughter's. But there was one requirement in both of them that was identical. To earn one of the badges you had to make a "Brag Bag". I thought about this for a minute and then it occurred to me that young girls aren't the only ones who could use this. We ALL could use a brag bag from time to time!

Think about it! What we focus on grows! Since it's human nature to more readily remember all the things we messed up instead of all the things we do well, where are we focusing our thoughts? On the negative stuff!

Some people understand this. They deliberately change their focus by using affirmations or listening to empowering CDs or reading books. They socialize with other positive people. They join mastermind groups to receive support.

I highly encourage you to take a lesson from the Girl Scouts. Tonight sit down and make a brag bag! Or a box like I have done. Get a brown paper bag or an old shoe box. I went to Hobby Lobby and got a plain wooden unpainted little box that looks like a treasure chest. Decorate the outside anyway you want. I found some very unique metal discs with great uplifting sayings on them - "Believe", "Love", and "Laughter" for example. I glued them all over my box.

Now, get some index cards and write all of your attributes on them - one on each card. Can you sing? Write it down. Are you an organizational whiz? Do people clamor for your cheesecake recipe? Can you sell the proverbial ice to Eskimos? Write it all down. Put them in your Brag Bag. Then write down all of your accomplishments. If you were the homecoming queen, or the valedictorian of your class, it goes in the bag. If you were promoted at your job in record time, if your kids are the world's greatest, if you lost those last 10 pounds, if your business makes enough to support you, if you have 20 people in your downline - it all goes into the bag.

Now, put your Brag Bag somewhere accessible. Because in order for this to work, you have to use it. Remember - what we focus on grows. So get your bag out regularly and review all the good things that you are. Bask in the glow of your accomplishments. Relish the good things you've drawn into your life. Watch your attitude improve and your accomplishments increase and your business boom. What we focus on grows. Get out your Brag Bag and let's focus on the right things. And while you're at it - maybe sign your daughter up for Girl Scouts. Look at the cool stuff they teach you!

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