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Start Your Business!

Give me 8 weeks and together we will start your own business!

Even if you have no idea how to get started - or even what type of business you want.

Have you ever wondered:

  • How to choose the perfect business for you?
  • How to create a look and feel for your business that is all yours?
  • Where to host your website?  Or even how to build a website?
  • How to choose the perfect domain name?
  • How to build a web presence without spending a fortune?
  • Where to find information on all the legalities of owning your own business?
  • Where do I start?

If you have ever wanted to start your own business, now is the time.  And I can help.

I have been making a living online for over a decade.  And I would love to help you do it too.

For eight weeks, a small number of budding boomerpreneurs will work with me to start their very own business. 

  • We'll focus 100% on your business.
  • We'll look at your skills, interests, values, and passions to find the business that is perfect for you.
  • I'll answer your specific questions.
  • I'll help you design your brand and together we'll create a plan to get you to business launch in 8 weeks - or less!
  • We'll brainstorm marketing plans, PR ideas, and social media campaigns.
  • Still have a job?  That's great!  I'll show you how to determine how much money you should have stashed away before you quit to focus exclusively on your business.
  • As boomers, we have special concerns others may not:  How does a business affect our Social Security benefits?  What about health insurance?  How do I leave my business to my children or grandchildren?  I am not a lawyer, but I will tell you where to go to get the answers to these and many other questions.
  • I'll share with you ideas for marketing your business on a budget and invaluable tips on running your business.  And I'll introduce you to the experts who have helped me get where I am.  People like PopArtDiva, Ken McArthur, Rob Canyon, Andy Shepherd, Felicia Slattery, Linda Gracy, Joel Comm, and many others. 

Whether you are ready to start full-time or just want to start part-time, I will provide you with all the action steps you need to get your business up and running in 8 weeks!

As an added bonus, you'll receive worksheets, sample forms, bonus reports, and access to recorded interviews with business experts.  And you will be given membership in the BoomerBizCoach Facebook group. 

Plus you get my 100% money-back guarantee.  If at the end of 8 weeks, your business is not ready to launch, simply request a refund - no questions asked.

What does a coaching program like this cost?  Well, when I took part in a coaching program to help me finish my upcoming book, it cost me $900.  But my program won't cost you that much.

And when I took part in a coaching program for aspiring speakers, it cost $499.  But I am not going to charge you that much either.

In fact, I am so eager to help as many of my fellow boomers as possible become entrepreneurs, that I am not even going to charge $200.  You can enroll in this program for the low cost of $199. Normally, I charge $500 for this level of coaching, but I believe that it is vitally important for as many of us as possible to become self-employed.  So I am DRASTICALLY reducing the cost for this program only. 

In order to ensure that I have the time necessary to spend with each of you, the size of this group is strictly limited to 6 participants per session.  The small class size means that this program sells out quickly!  So if you are serious about starting a business, don't delay or you may be left out.

Our next session will start March 15.  Group coaching will take place on Saturday evenings.  One thing I hated about seminars when I was just starting was that fact that they all seemed to be in the middle of a week day.  If you, like me, are starting your business while still holding down a job, that does not work.  So I try to schedule my sessions at a more convenient time.  Each participant will also receive one bonus 30 minute one-on-one coaching session. Additional instruction will be done via recorded seminars or email.    

Ready to start your business?  Register now!


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