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Doing Better In Business

Why am I not doing better in my business?  A member of my network marketing downline asked me that question last night. The answer? He's waiting until things are JUST RIGHT before making a move. And he's not alone. I've heard all the excuses. Heck, I've even used some of them myself.

* I need more information.
* I'm just not sure.
* I don't have the time to learn how to do this.
* No one really succeeds with that stuff.
* I just want the site to look a little better.

On and on it goes. But the real reason he is not doing well is that he is not doing anything. If he would just realize that the time is right - NOW and take some action, I know he would begin to seem some success. So, in the spirit of "do it now" here are four things you can do today to make your business better.

1. Improve Your Follow Up

Quickly write down on a piece of paper the top 5 reasons why someone should by your product. In the coming week, write one message of 300 words about each of the 5 reasons. Then load them in an autoresponder and offer them to the people who visit your site. If you don't have an autoresponder, there are loads of them available.

2. Start A Pay Per Click Campaign

Go to Google and set up an Ad Words account. Then bid on the ONE keyword that best describes your site. Getting started is the key. The Google site is actually quite helpful in how to do this.

A few other places you can use to do some Pay Per Click advertising are 7searchLooksmart, and Search123

3. Place Some E-zine Advertising

You can place classified ads for as little as a buck. Some solo ads sell for under $50. Looking in the Directory of E-zines I found 400 + e-zines that sell solos. You can become a member of the DOE here.

4. Research What You Need To Know.

Why fiddle around with "free" eBooks that waste your time and are filled to the brim with affiliate links? The easy way is to isolate the area you want information in (say it was affiliate marketing) then go to Google and find the top book in that area. Then buy the thing, actually READ it and most importantly, really take action on what you have read!

There you go. Four things you can do TODAY to help improve your business success. Let me know which one you used and how it helped move your business forward.

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