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Your Ideal Lifestyle
April 11, 2018

What is your ideal lifestyle?

Have you even dared to think about it?

Most people haven't. But most of us want the same things: '

We want peace of mind. '

We want to feel valuable and be important to our families, friends, and community.

And we want to have the resources we need to live comfortably.

But while our needs may be universal, the way we frame them for ourselves is not.

For me, living comfortably would be a much smaller house than I currently have.

This one takes way too much of my time to maintain!

So a tiny house much further away from town, on the water, like a good sized pond or a lake.

But for you, a big rambling 2-story house in the country might be perfect.

Or perhaps you dream of a modern apartment in the city.

Whatever it might be, it's important to figure out what your ideal lifestyle really is.

What do you REALLY want your life to be like?

This section of the journal will help you figure that out.

So take some time...

Really dig deep and think about your answers.

Don't worry about the practicality of your vision.

This is your DREAM!

So let go and create your vision for your PERFECT life.

Dream BIG!


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