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July 03, 2018

Any emails that people get in their inbox from you are a branding and marketing opportunity.

Of course you know this for your broadcasts and autoresponders from your email software, but there’s also an opportunity in your regular outbox with one-on-one emails, as well.

In today’s task you can choose which one you focus on, or do both! Like yesterday, I’ll start you off with a list of things that are possible good ways for you to complete this task, but you can also get creative and choose your own:

• Determine a signature image to use in all your emails. I had a new logo designed a while back that I love. It is so much my signature style I am going to start using it for my marketing and personal email signature, so on ALL emails.

• Create an intro email with your story. When you get new people on your list, are they finding out about YOU? Are they getting to learn your personal branding message through your story? You could write an email that is your story to really drive home who you are and why you do what you do. Make it do double duty by also adding the same thing to your website OR, if it’s on your website already, take a story from your website and pop it into an email. If you’ve got that, you could have today’s task done in a few minutes… OR use the time to do more. Either way… progress is what we’re looking for!

• Remember what you decided you want people to know about you in Day 1? Write an Email or Blog Post about this. Add the email to the welcome autoresponder series you have (or start one). If you do a blog post, you could add a link to that in your one on one emails, in the signature. An example of this is I want people to say I am a network marketer turned marketing coach and trainer. People don’t say that about me now and so I’m going to have to start getting the word out myself… And I will. You’ll start seeing this soon

As I said, these are examples! Go back through the first five days and see what makes the most sense for you, work on it and then come post in the Facebook group to let us know you got it done!

Let's do this!


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