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Your Business Card is a Powerful Marketing Tool
October 13, 2015

While most business people use business cards every day, many do not understand that they can be a very effective marketing tool.

Business cards contain all the basic but essential information about your business: your name, your company name, your logo, your address, and your contact information - phone number, email address, and website. All of this information should be clearly legible on the front of your business card. But even with all this information, there is usually still space to market yourself and your business. Add a great tagline that promotes a particular aspect of your business. If you have a free report or do free consultations, mention this on the front of your card.

Don't forget that your card has two sides - front and back. Most business cards have all the information on the front but the back is typically left blank. Use this side for further marketing. In my business, I love referrals - and I say so on the back side of my card and offer a referral bonus. My insurance agent prints a calendar on the back of his. I always have his card in my wallet - just because I use the calendar frequently! And every time I look at it I'm reminded of him and his business.

Of course, it doesn't do a bit of good to have a fabulous business card if your don't get them into circulation. I used to be notorious for not having them with me when I needed them! But I quickly learned my lesson and now I always carry them with me. You never know when you just might bump into someone who needs your services. And ALWAYS have them with you for business or networking events. Hand them to everyone attending. Before handing mine out I always write on the back "HCIP" - How can I help? It makes me more memorable. Plus, when handing mine out, I always ask for one in return. Those two little touches make me stand out from others.

Another way to get your business card out there is to put them in everything - and I do mean everything - you send out. Letters, cards, invoices - I even enclose them in the envelope when I pay bills. Believe it or not, I have gotten business from that.

If you need to give contact information to someone - your insurance agent, a teacher, your car dealer - give them your business card. Even if they don't need your services, they might know someone who does. When we go out to eat, I will leave a card on the table along with the tip or credit card slip.

You can also look for places to leave your business card. Many neighborhood businesses will let you place some of your cards at a reception desk or check-out counter. Many supermarkets have bulletin boards where you can post your card. Some churches often offer the same service for their members. Always be on the lookout for a new ways and new places to distribute your cards.

Business cards can be a very cost effective way to promote yourself. Set yourself a goal of distributing 5 daily and watch the impact on your business.

Get out of your own way. - Unknown

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