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Where Else Can You Look?
July 09, 2018

"I've looked at all the products I use. None of them have affiliate programs."

Now what?

No problem!

Today's task is to search elsewhere for affiliate programs that fit with your brand.

This will involve a bit of research and work but will be worth it if you find some good products to promote.

But where do you start your search?

Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks are the coordinators of the affiliate world. They coordinate between the merchant and the affiliate, are responsible for processing payments from the customer, keeping track of affiliate commissions and paying affiliates.

They're a very good place to start when you're looking for affiliate products to promote, since many will maintain a directory that you can browse by subject.

There are several good affiliate networks out there. But the granddaddy of them all is Clickbank.

You may have heard of it even if you aren't involved in affiliate marketing.

Chances are if you have purchased a digital product online, you did so through Clickbank.

ClickBank is one of the best affiliate networks for digital products, like software and eBooks. The good thing about software and eBooks is that they tend to have a lot higher commissions than physical products. Commissions of between 50% and 75% are reasonably common for digital products.

If you click on "Marketplace" you'll be taken to ClickBank's directory of affiliate products - here you can browse affiliate programs by subject.


Some other affiliate networks to check out:

Commission Junction


Yes, Amazon has an affiliate program called Amazon Associate. Amazon is the first choice of most affiliates because it sells everything under the sun. No matter what niche you’re in, you’ll find relevant products on Amazon.

Amazon Associate


Target is the second largest online discount retailer and has massive brand recognition. People love to buy from Target. And they have an affiliate program.

Target Affiliates is a pretty good alternative to Amazon because of its huge product base and generous commission structure that varies with sales volume.

Target Affiliates


You had to know that if Amazon and Target have affiliate programs, so does Walmart.

Walmart has always been known for its massive product stocks and prices that are significantly lower than market rates.

This makes it a really attractive retailer for consumers, but it also means affiliates like you and me don’t make much money from it. However in certain niches the commissions are better than Amazon so it's definitely worth checking out.

Walmart Affiliates

Your task for your research and find at least 1 good affiliate product you can promote. Come share in the group what you found.


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