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What Happens in Vegas
February 27, 2017

So I went to Vegas.

And it was a glorious trip.


I saw Ka (Cirque Du Soleil) again


The Australian Bee Gees

Ate fabulous food...

Went shopping like crazy

Hung out at the Pinball Hall of Fame

And enjoyed my hubby

But something happened to me out there.

As usual...

In a flash something changed...

(has happened to me time and time again over the years)

And believe it or not...

The catalyst was none other than Dr Oz!


I was so tired one day out in Vegas...

My feet hurt SO MUCH from all the walking that I laid in bed one AM

I laid in bed and watched the Dr. Oz Show (which I have never seen before)

And I watched this man and in a second something happened to me.

And very soon I will be revealing to YOU what it was that I saw

And what I saw could change EVERYTHING for you

I know it.

So stay tuned.

And in the mean time come hang out with me Wednesday night at 9 PM EST

For the weekly marketing webinar.

We’ve got some good stuff for you.

weelkly marketing webinar

I can't promise you more money.

I can only promise you more YOU.

And what you do with that is in YOUR hands...

Not mine.

But chances are if you are reading this letter this far down you

somehow know that I know a little something

And that I know where I am going.

I am trying to show you what I can see

The fabulous world that I have learned to operate in...

The abundance of love and income that flows boundlessly.

If you hang around I will show you what in the world

the a TV talk-show hosting doc has to do with YOUR FUTURE

And your entry into the world that I describe.


Maybe so...

But then again I'm the one who has lost 60 pounds

Paid off her house

Found financial freedom and

Gets to play in Vegas

So you decide

See you on the webinar Wednesday!

And watch out for some big stuff coming down the pike.



I can. I will. End of story.

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