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Twitter Cards
April 23, 2018

Twitter is no longer a text-only medium for sharing personal thoughts and links to interesting web content. As more and more businesses use the service to connect with consumers and more visual social media websites have developed, the Twitter system has changed as well. Rather than browsing a stream of words, users now see pictures, videos and forms that make this social network more interactive than ever before.

As an online business, you can now use Twitter cards to add all of the following to tweets related to your website...


•App downloads


•Audio files

•Product information

•Lead generation forms

•Website information

There are different types of cards that allow you to attach different types of information to tweets. Because you can determine which type of card is attached to each page of your site and what information is contained within the card, now you can easily use this new Twitter feature to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website or advertise new products and services. The options are almost endless once you learn how to use the cards effectively.

How to Set Up a Twitter Card

The process for setting up a Twitter card on any page of your website or blog is quite simple...

Determine what type of card you want to use for a particular page of content, and decide what information you want to include on the card. If you want to use the default Summary Card, there's literally nothing for you to do (Twitter will use the Open Graph tags already in the code of the page).

If you want to use a different type of card on a particular page, you'll need to add a few simple meta tags into that page's head.

This is what attaches the Twitter card information to the content, automatically transforming all tweets containing a link to the content to also display the enriched card information. Information on the HTML code needed to implement each type of card can be found on Twitter's website..

twitter's website

Use the Card Validator to ensure the code is correct and everything is ready to run properly.

card validator

Selecting the Right Card Type

The key to getting maximum results from the use of Twitter cards is the selection of the right card type for each page of content you want to share. You may find that there's a perfect card type for your intended purpose, or you may find that you need to pick a card that you can tweak to work for your purposes.

For example, if you're interested in building your marketing list or want to increase lead generation from your tweets, you'll want to use the Lead Generation Twitter Card. This card allows users to interact with you directly through your tweets. They can type in their email address or other information, giving you the information you need without requiring interested viewers to click to your website immediately.

If your goal is to generate interest in a new product and convince viewers to click through to your website for more information, you may use the Product Information Twitter Card. An image of the product and some intriguing details may do the trick.

If you simply want your tweet to look more attractive so that viewers pay more attention to your brand name, the Photo Card or Summary Card with Large Image may suit your needs. These cards add images to the tweet, and you can decide whether to include the summary or not.

Who Can Use Twitter Cards?

If you already market through Twitter and want to enhance those marketing efforts, you may want to do a test run with the cards to determine if they boost your results. If your target market is on Twitter, anything you can do to attract more of their attention is a good thing.

You don't need a large business with a well-known brand name to use these cards effectively. Enriched tweets can deliver results for all users when used correctly. Since Twitter already has one of the best conversion rates of all social media platforms, why not give this enhanced marketing option a try?

See you on Twitter!


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