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I Made It Through The Rain
July 02, 2019


I admit it...

I made it through the rain is a Barry Manilow song...(I'm a closet fan...don't tell anyone!)

But it is also the story of my last few days.

Air conditioning broke Friday night and they can't fix it for a couple of weeks!

Then Sunday I received a message that my niece and goddaughter was in a coma and had been given a 50/50 chance of surviving.

And today I am going to be with my mother-in-law while she has heart surgery.. could be so much worse.

I may be a little toasty...But I have several friends who have lost everything in the recent flooding in our area.

Maggie is now awake from her coma and while we do still have a long road ahead of us...

She is awake and the prognosis is much better than it was on Sunday.

And while I am celebrating that fact, I read on Facebook that a dear friend lost his son over the weekend in a car accident.

And yes, my mother-in-law is having heart surgery. But she is strong and optimistic and we are all confident it will go well.

And at least I still have her. My own mother passed 19 years ago.

So I am VERY THANKFUL for what I have

Due to all of these events I am way behind on work and stuff but I just wanted to send you a quick note to remind you that there is a difference between being behind because I've been busy dealing with other things...

And quitting because I've let myself become overwhelmed by all the "rain" in my life right now.

Sometimes it can be difficult to focus on the positive, especially when you are running a business.

Every little setback or obstacle can feel insurmountable.

Can't work in my office because it's just too hot!Can't concentrate because I'm worried about my niece.Can't find time in my day because I have to be at the hospital.

We feel like we are losing direction. Maybe we are being foolish to think we can be entrepreneurs!

Most of us feel that self-doubt when we are trying to go through this alone.

But you are not alone!

If you are reading this, then you have access to an amazing community of people who are here to support and help each other.

We call ourselves the Ninja Marketers, and you are invited to join us.

Reach out to us!

Leave a comment.

Find us on social media.

Connect with us.

Trust me, we have all felt doubt and despair.

And we have all been lifted up by the fabulous people we surround ourselves with.

We'll give you all the advice, support, or kick-in-the pants you need!

And when you accomplish a goal or hit a milestone, let us know.

We will celebrate with you, promote you, and shout your achievement to the world.

Your mindset IS critical!

But keeping a positive mindset is easier when you are surrounded by like-minded, positive people.

Join us! We're here for you

Bottom line is that when someone is not making the money they want...99% of the time it is MINDSET that is holding them back.

So come by and see if what we have makes a difference for you.

See you there!


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