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The Easy Way to Make Money
October 11, 2015

Sometimes I wish I didn't have any morals or values.

Well, no. Not really.

But I look at some of the stuff that's out in the marketplace, and it's just crazy.

Not long ago I was in a company that eventually got shut down because of their practices. Fortunately I saw the direction they were headed and left the company and took my team with me. But many people chose to stay.

And these weren't dumb people!

We fall for "get rich quick," even when our internal warning signals are firing away.

I've done it. So have you.

The worst ones are the least obvious.

Another company that is going to make you rich overnight.

Another "system" that builds your business for you.

Another skinny pill that melts the pounds away while you eat bon bons and watch bad Lifetime movies.

People buy hopes and dreams. So they're easy to sell.

I sell confidence, competence and skills. I sell hard work and support.

That's not as easy a sell.

But it's worth it.

Because I get the best quality team members and customers.

Look, I sell products and services made by other people. And I promote a business opportunity that is the best in the business.

And soon I'm going to let you in on something made by other people I feel great about.

The marketplace wants it. And it needs it.

So I'll distribute it.

And I may invite you to work with me on it as part of my team!

But in my world, I look for people who want to create a life and lifestyle based on real abundance.

Not just a quick hit.

Nothing wrong with quick hits!

But you have to be the person who grows into it.

And keeps it.

And learns how to duplicate it.

And if you want the grand prize, learns how to develop it in others.

Just sharing my thoughts.

There's some good stuff coming soon.

If you haven't already, take a leap of faith.

Invest in your future.

Watch what kind of unexpected treats show up when you do.

Talk Soon,


Failure is success if we learn from it. - Unknown

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