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Take A Look Outside
June 25, 2018

You’re smart and savvy so I know you know that “everyone” is not a good target market. And, yes, we’ve covered target market before in other challenges and we’re highly likely to cover it again. It’s a topic worth paying attention to again and again.

Too many people think that people care about your products or your content or your services. I don’t know about you but when I buy, I buy people (in a totally ethical way). When I hire, I hire people. I’m so much more in learning from YOU than I am in learning tactics, strategies or advice… that’s boring and not usually that helpful.

So we’re diving deeper into target market than ever. We’re going to go not just for a certain type of person, we’re going to look to speak to the super-fan of that group. The person who’s going to buy YOU, not your products.

Now that you know we are looking for that kind of person, I want you to really LOOK. I want you to start creating conversations with THAT PERSON.

Today’s task requires you to go outside your bubble, outside your comfort zone maybe… depending on how you like socializing. But I promise you it’s WORTH understanding your people!

Here are some ways you can do that (pick at least one as your task today, or more if you can!):

• Get into Facebook Groups and find the most prominent posters in your niche. What are they saying? What’s important to them? Where are they struggling?

• Email your list and ASK something. Relate it to what you’re working on now, or what you want to know for something you’d like to create. Just get the conversation going.

• Go to YouTube, look up some of your topics, find popular videos and read the comments on those. Find some of the most energy-filled responses and pay attention to what they’re saying.

• Go to Amazon, find books in your niche and read the reviews. The reviews on Amazon are golden! They tell you a lot about your market and what they’re struggling with.

When you get AT LEAST one of these done, come on into the group and tell us about it.

BONUS TASK: Don’t leave this all to memory. Start a spreadsheet of the things you find so you can refer back to it easily and often, to spot trends and understand who you are speaking to and what they want to hear about.

Come on into the group and tell us when you’re done.

Talk tomorrow!


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