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Take A Look Inside
June 24, 2018

Let me give you a big tip: The more you know, like and trust YOURSELF, the more others will know, like and trust you.

So what I want you to do today is simple:

Take a look inside, at YOU, and decide what do you want others to know, like and trust about YOU.

It might sound silly, but it’s important.

And something you may not realize is… you can CONTROL what others say or think about you. You control the narrative by what you put out there.

If you put out that you’re shy, or an introvert, people will say that about you and the other shy introverts will relate to you.

If you put out that you LOVE to be challenged to the point that you absolutely LOVE the hustle, people will say that about you (think Gary V. Everyone knows him, right?).

Point is… You may be accidentally sending the message you don’t actually want people to hear, so now’s the time to decide what you DO want them to hear.

Here’s your exercise to complete for this task. Answer these three questions. Come post them in the group if you don’t mind sharing!

1. What do you want people to KNOW (and say) about you?

2. What do you want people to LIKE about you?

3. What ways can you get people to TRUST you?

A great example of number one for me is that people know that I am a network marketer. I’ve heard it from multiple people lately and that is NOT my brand. While it's true I started there and I do still have that as part of my business mix, my focus now is more on training and coaching. My branding is gone off-skew and it’s my job and my choice to fix that. I can change what people say about me by deciding to change what I say and that’s what I’m going to be doing.

Be aware of how you and your brand are being perceived and, if it’s not what you intended, change it!

That’s it for Day 1, we’ll talk tomorrow.


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