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Social Media
July 04, 2018

Ok, I wouldn’t normally lump days together and I have the days officially set like this:

Day 9 – Brand Yourself on Facebook Day 10 – Brand Yourself on Instagram Day 11 – Brand Yourself on Twitter

But the truth is you may not even be on Twitter and it would fit better for you to do LinkedIn or Pinterest or another site… or maybe all three days on Facebook, one for your profile, one for your page and one for your group.

So I’m setting these up today so you can do one per day for the next three days. You choose!

Same as before, here are some ideas but you do what works for you. Minimum one task but the more, the better!

• Write a post that shows people they can know, like and/or trust you (come ask in the group if you’re unsure what I mean and how to approach this).

• Write a post that teaches people what to say about you.

• Write your story and “pin it” (wherever this feature is available or you can have it linked on social media).

• Write a post asking people about them. Look for something that might be a thing you can both relate to, or a problem you’re having that they could advise you on, or an opinion on a strong (but not too controversial) topic.

• Write a post about a strength.

• Add a picture post of your personal branding style.

Can’t wait to see your posts on social media. Feel free to tag me in them or even say you’re doing the challenge, if you want!


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