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Cleaning House, Making Changes, Being Adaptable - The Secret to My Success
May 11, 2017

I know - once again it's been too long!

That's why it's time for some changes. I simply cannot keep up! Too many lists!

You know me.

I learned about the power of the list.

So if one list is good, two would be great. Right?

And four would be AMAZING!

And more than that would be - uncontrollable!

So it's time to admit that.

To take control BACK!!

I'm starting by cleaning house. Clearing out duplicate subscribers.

Unsubscribing those who aren't opening my emails.(So if you want to keep getting them, you'd better start reading them!)

Then I'm consolidating everyone into one list.

Much easier for me to manage!

You might even get regular mailings once again!

Making changes and being adaptable is part of being in business.

If you can't adapt and change as necessary, you won't survive very long...

And I have been around a long time!

So I'm off to tackle this. Time to declutter my email list - and my life!

In the meantime, check out my newest blog post...

I'm sharing the secret of my success!

My thoughts on the Law of Attraction.

You the book "The Secret"

Have you read it? What did you think? Skeptical?

Yeah...I was too.

I talk about it a lot in this blog post.

Even more in my book, "Getting to Yes..."

If you haven't read it, you might want to check it out.

Lots of people have found it useful. You might too.

You can get it on Amazon...

Barnes and Noble...

The usual places...

Or you can get a signed copy directly from me! With my thanks for helping me keep the lights on one more day!

Getting To Yes

Thanks to all of my loyal subscribers who have patiently stuck by me. You ROCK!

I will do better! I promise!

Now..time to tackle these lists...


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Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, he turned into a butterfly. --Proverb

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