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Are You Going To Get Scared Or Are You Going To Stand Up?
February 20, 2019


Absolutely DUMBFOUNDING what I see going on out there.

If you hang around social media and the internet...which I assume you do if you are on this list...

You have seen all the craziness going on and all the people FREAKING OUT believing the sky is going to fall down.

Whether you are on the right or the left...everyone is crying gloom and doom over something.

And all I have to say to that is BULL PUCKY

Yes...the world is changing. need to prepare.

But for pete's sake...

The world had been changing for years now and you should have been preparing all along.

And the marketers...they are adding to the din!

"Buy my stuff now or you'll never succeed!""Buy my stuff and I'll give you all this really cool (aka useless) stuff as a free bonus!""Buy my stuff or you won't be one of the cool kids.""Buy my stuff NOW or you'll never be able to get it again!""Join my business or you won't be able to ___________ (fill in the blank) EVER!"

Most of these people don't care about their customers...they just want to win the prize!

And for people to all scream that you need to BUY SOMETHING now before it's too late just so they can win a fancy car that is being given away just cracks me up.

I have been teaching on taking responsibility for oneself for years now.

But hey...I guess I never banged the gong and told you all you need to do something NOW and scared the CRAP out of you to get a sale...

So no one really listened.

Lesson learned.

And yet I wouldn't change a thing.

Me..I was broke, depressed, SCARED with a dad who needed care...

A husband with health issues, daughters with kids of their own asking for help

And a job that took me away from my responsibility to them far too often.

And this was when most of these guys who are selling stuff today were still in high school.

And I figured out how to NEVER feel helpless and behind the financial eight ball again.

I learned how to NEVER be dependent on someone else for my future...EVER!

I turned off my some some more books....found mentors...went to training events...hired a coach...

Eliminated all my debt as opposed to buying JUNK, and learned skills that will carry me through any storm.

And this week I invite you to do the same...

Join me on a very special webinar where we will EDUCATE YOU

After 10+ Years of Development, MLSP's 'Secret Weapon' is Ready to Transform Your Business and Bank Account! (this solution has NEVER been done before in our profession... ever)

This is going to be a tool that will get you the leads you need for your business.

And I mean real leads...

Not FB friends (those aren't leads in case you haven't figured it out yet)Not Twitter followers (those aren't either)Not Instagram followers (Nope those aren't either)

I'm talking about real leads...People who want to hear what you have to offer.

Who have given you permission to contact them repeatedly with your STUFF!

This is gonna be a very BIG and IMPORTANT webinar. Because without LEADS and a LIST, you will have a very hard time growing to real freedom. Sure you might make enough to survive. And if you're happy with that, I'm happy for you.

But if you want a shot at REAL money...6 figures or have to learn the skills.

And you should have tools that will help you get there.

From me and my tribe...Or from those here today and gone tomorrow hype-sters.

If you prefer TRUTH and SERVICE over HYPE and BONUSES...

Register for the webinar.

So that's it.

But please please please put your thinking hat on this week.

There's a lot of stuff going on out there and I REALLY want you to not get caught in a frenzy but to really use your judgement about your plans for 2019.

And if you have been on my list for a long time I want you to ask yourself...

Has she grown?

Has she become more known?

Is her visibility exponentially expanding???

Or has she faded away like the rest.

If you know me...

Then you know that my business has grown DRAMATICALLY since the day I started

What you need to understand is that I have taken the HIGH ROAD and not hyped my students and customers in order to win a car or any other prize in a launch.

I can buy any car I want so the idea of jacking up my constituency in order to win a car or to get "bragging rights" with my colleagues is just silly stuff. The stuff of BOYS who compete on the playing field. Me..I am a 62 year old grandmother of 7! I have no time for that.

And I absolutely refuse to get caught up in all the hoop-di-do going on in the world right now. I am just going to live the best life I know how and serve as many people as I possibly can.

Yes..I sell pretty much anything and everything you are looking to buy

I have been in numerous launches and I KNOW how to win a prize.

But when you grow as a business don't NEED to win a prize.

So if you are ever looking to buy a particular product and you want to buy it from someone you can TRUST, who will actually talk to you and who will be here in a year...

Ask me about it...

I will give you my HONEST OPINION and if you want it...THEN I will give you my link.

I will not offer you bonuses and prizes to manipulate you...

I don't need a buck that bad.

I will just offer you my years of knowledge.

That's the best thing I can give.

And maybe it's time to consider...

Isn't that the BEST bonus of all.

I LOVE my list.

I LOVE my students.

Believe it or not...

I love YOU

Even if I barely know you...


Because I was born not to do launches and hype people

But to SERVE a group that has decided that IT'S TIME to take control

Like I did 19 years ago.

I was BORN to help those people and earn a living at it.

So if by any chance you should get caught up in the current frenzy...

And if by chance you should stray and think that I am just CRAZY as many, many do...

I am not worried.

But I do pray that you fare well.

And if at some point you should discover that I was speaking THE TRUTH

You will still find me here.


Sharing and begging for you to hear.

And if you have read this long long email...

I have a funny feeling that at some point you will.

Have a great day!



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