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Quick Note About 30 Day Intensive
March 17, 2016

Happy Thursday :)


I have had a super busy week and have not really had a chance to catch up with you but I wanted to let you know that this is LAST CALL for 30 Day Intensive. This is a HANDS ON small group sitting in a webinar room all by yourself trying to figure stuff out.

No time to detail more now...most of you have seen stuff...and this is just a reminder that it's now or never :)

Right now I have suitcases to pack...we are leaving soon for a week in the Florida Keys and The Everglades. And just so you know...this class will not repeat until sometime next year - if ever.

Of course we do have a different class this summer but I will tell you I started with this one because it is the GRAND DADDY.

Looks like good groups are rounding up and I am REALLY looking forward to teaching it.

So if you want in...let me know!

And then you will hear from me between tomorrow and Monday.

And on a last note...if you are in driving distance of NW Arkansas and want to hear about something VERY SPECIAL I am putting together, write me back.

For LOCALS (within 3 hours or so) ONLY

Unless of course you are a PSYCHO and want to come in a day before or fly in.

Then you are welcome too...but I have only 4 spots for a live one day event.

Very inexpensive and very intimate.

You have to write me to find out what it is :)

Ok...sunshine and beaches are calling me...

I am gonna just hit send...

No proofreading so forgive me the typos.

I know that you will

Have a great day!


Take a look at what everyone else in your industry is doing, then do the complete opposite. You'll probably be very successful. - Dan Kennedy

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