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This Is Really Personal For Me
March 26, 2019

I'll say it right up front...

This is long and very personal...

But it's something that has been on my heart lately. Something that was brought front and center recently.

Sometimes things happen that cause you to step back and reassess...

If you follow me on Facebook, and you saw my recent post, then you know I had a "moment" recently.

I received word that my aunt died at the age of 93. She was the last of 15 brothers and sisters. She was also my favorite aunt. And while I mourn her passing, I also remember her telling me that it was hard to be the last. And so I am at peace knowing that she is once again with her family.

Her death caused me to take a look at my life. Not from grief or regret. It was the knowledge that I, along with my sisters, and her children, and the rest of my cousins are now the "heads" of our family. We are the ones who will set the example for those who are coming after.

Scary! And yet, empowering.

And it started me thinking about the example and legacy I am leaving for them. My children. My grandchildren. Nieces. Nephews. Dear friends. And those of you who have invited me into your world.

Many years ago I embarked on a journey to determine my own path. And I have been successful. But I am by no means a "rockstar." I don't jet around the world speaking on stages. I don't drive a flashy car or take luxurious vacations. I don't live in a big expensive house. Not my style.

I stay fairly close to home most of the time. If you know me, you know my personal story. Not going to bore you with it here. But I have very important reasons - to me anyway - for not traveling to events much.

I live a pretty simple life. I live on a dirt road in an old country house with a big wraparound porch and room for all the kids and grandkids. I drive a Jeep because it takes me where I want to go. Most importantly, it gets me down the private dirt road that doesn't get plowed or graded or maintained in any way! I spend most days with my husband and family and close friends.

I love my life!

I could do all the things I see others do to become one of those internet superstars. I choose not to. Because too many of them just don't care. They don't care about their customers. They don't care about their team. They care about making their next big score.

Sure, there are those who DO care and set the example for the rest of us...

I have shared them with you in many ways. Because they have taught me much and I know you could learn much from them as well.

I take what they have taught me and pass that knowledge on to others.

I thought I was doing that well....

Then I had the news of my aunt's death. And as I was dealing with that, I had to deal with a "hater". This was the day someone chose to comment on everything I promoted. The comment? "Total scam."

It made me stop and wonder what message I was sending to cause such a reaction. I mean, who takes the time to comment on EVERYTHING!

Had me worried for a little bit!

But then I began seeing the posts everywhere!

"Leaving the group because you're nothing but scammers." "Looking for something that isn't a scam." "Is there anything legit out there? Tired of being scammed."

And I realized it wasn't's everyone else.

Too many people today looking to make it big...

With no effort. No investment. No selling, or referring, or recruiting.

And there are far too many people willing to promise just that.

If you're looking for that "make $10,000 overnight in your sleep with no effort" kind of business...I am not your gal.

Because that business doesn't exist. And I won't tarnish my legacy or reputation by saying that it does.

And if that means I get one less sign-up or one less customer, so be it. I'd rather stick to my principles than play the game. And chances are you will quit anyway at the first little bump in the road.

I won't try to corner some guru at an event just to get a photo so it looks like I know them. I share the people I know and respect.

I won't post phony lifestyle photos that make me look like I live the "rockstar" life. I share my life as it is. Simple. Warts and all. Some days good. Some days frustrating. Some days heart wrenching. Every day blessed beyond measure.

And I won't promise you riches.

Can you make money online? Yes! Lots of it. If you're willing to invest in yourself and do what it takes.

But I make no promises because I have no idea how hard you will work or how long you will stick with it.

And that is part of my message for today. I have some things I am seeing that are just hurting my heart. And I'm tired of not speaking up and saying something about it. Because above all else, I live to serve you.


I am tired of seeing people I know wasting their time on all this over-hyped crap.

I am tired of people crying "scam" because they fell for the hype and drank the Kool-Aid.

I'm tired of the hype-sters and scammers giving the rest of us a bad name.

Most of us are hard-working people with families who are simply trying to live life on our terms.

If that's your dream, I invite you to join us. Full time if you can. Part time if that's what it takes. That's how I started. (Heck, I kept my job for a long time after I could have quit. Where else could I get insurance for my husband for a few hundred dollars a month.)

If you're willing to put in the time and do the work, I and others like me are here to guide you and teach you.

Which brings me to the other thing that is on my mind today.

If your business isn't where you want it to be, it's probably due to LACK...

Not lack of tools...

I've shared everything that I use in my business with you. Every tool. Every resource.

Not lack of knowledge...

I've learned from the masters...

And I've passed that knowledge on to you.

And it's certainly not lack of encouragement.

I am your BIGGEST cheerleader!

No....what you lack are two things.

Something basic. Something simple.

Something I can't give you.


You gotta BELIEVE! And too many of you don't your business, in your products, in YOURSELF!

You gotta DO! And too many of you don't. You don't take the information that is offered. You don't invest in yourself or your business. You don't take the very simple actions that have enabled me to be present in the life of my family instead of present in the life of my boss. I am my boss!

And that's what holds you back.

And that's why you will continue to fail.

So that is what I wanted to say today.

The legacy I want to leave.. The example I want to set...

For my children... For my grandchildren... And for all those who come after.

A life lived on my terms. Helping people have the freedom to do the same.

There's a new world coming. One where people have choices!

I'm part of it. I'm teaching others to do the same.

You can join us...or not. It's your CHOICE.

Helping you have the ability to make that choice is my legacy.

The rest is up to you. Time for you to decide...what legacy will you leave...?

For your children...

For your grandchildren...

And for all those who come after and are looking to you for guidance...

Everyone has an impact, whether they want to or not. -- Ken McArthur

What impact are you having?


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