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One More Chance - Tonight Only!
June 26, 2017


I am officially hibernating and working on a SECRET PROJECT so

I don't have time for a long and drawn out letter...

And I am thinking you really don’t want one..

So this is ONLY for those of you have been looking at the marketing system I told you about a while ago.

I am working with a bunch of people on this and am getting ready to start the 10 day success group again.

Truth is that there is a window of opportunity right now that is just


So if you were looking at MyLeadSystemPro and didn't go for it and you REGRET the decision you made...

Tonight only – until midnight EASTERN!

I have something special for those who take advantage of the 10-day trial

Delete this and disregard if you are not into it...

But if you are...

Go order


10 Day Trial

And once I see you’ve joined, I’ll contact you so I can help you out.

And if you are not into this or it's out of your budget...


I have so much free stuff coming you are absolutely going to flip.

That's what I am doing now...

Hiding out working on stuff for YOU.

I just wanted to make sure you get this just in case.


Back to the grind.

Wish me luck!


P.S. Did you see this blog post?

Meet Jennifer Lamb

I do these Success Story profiles from time-to-time. Whenever I meet someone really cool…

Could you be my next profile?

If you don't value your time, neither will others. Stop giving away your time and talents--start charging for it.

--Kim Garst

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