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Ok, Ok Here's the Link! Gee Whiz!
May 18, 2017

I love people...

Actually ...if you know me at all(and if you don't I'd like to know you better)

But if you know me at all...

I really DO love people.

But this week I am a little iffy about a few of them out there

Wednesday night I did a packed out call for my 3B program

Went super...

Truthfully ...I was estatic cause I have not done a live marketing call in ages and I wasn't sure how the turn out would be

And then we did it and I saw the results and I was truly HUMBLED by the # of people who came to the call.

Thank you to all of you that attended and I hope it helped you.

So I did the call and then someone asked about my weight loss…

Because if you know me, you know I’ve lost 65 pounds so far and am on the way to losing another 60…

I said I'd share the link to an article I just wrote about it..."soon"

Well holy crap...

I had all kinds of people beating me up today cause I did not get my link out quick enough!!!!

And people wonder why they don't get where they want to go...

(But that is a training for another day...)

Ok...for anyone who did want the link, here it is…


It's like 9:30 pm now and the I am going to bed. I have been caring for a husband with pneumonia and I’m beat. But I wanted to get to you before I left.

And NO—I’m not trying to recruit you into my MLM.

Or coerce you into buying my products.

My business is helping people with THEIR problems.

So if my stuff can help you…great!

If not, I still love you!

Because I’m only looking for the people who are looking for me.

And over the weekend I will be cutting a PRIVATE video for you so you understand EXACTLY how much.

How much do I love you?

I spent almost two hours on the phone today setting up something really special for all my loyal subscribers.

If you have been looking for something to help you finally breakthrough...

This may be it.


I am not just another person "humping" a launch--

LORD I hate that...

I have known and worked with this person for 3 years.In fact, I credit much of the success of my book with him.

You see, if not for him, I might never have written it!

I know him well and I FULLY endorse what he shares.

He is the real deal

Do you know that in February I had the opportunity to promote something that I know I could have made a TON with but Dearl was going into the hospital for tests and I knew I could not support my customers while I was so focused on him so I passed up AT LEAST $20k just to be in integrity...

maybe a lot more. But in the name and my integrity is all I have.

And it is worth more than a few thousand any day... much for my RANT

(I tend to go off on those...sorry!>

So look at my article if you NEED to lose some weight in a healthy, holistic manner.

And let me know you want the secret video that I put together.

I have numerous people poking at this and we can only work with a few...

So be in touch.


I am off to bed

Talk later...

Enjoy my weight loss story and I'll be in touch over the weekend.


The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. --H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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