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March 08, 2019

I'm home battening down the hatches!

It's an "impact day" in NWA and looks like we may be having some severe weather again for a few days...



But what can you do..right?

It's that time of year in NW Arkansas.

Tornado Season (I know the graphic says Second Winter but we're past that now and into the end of Spring and the beginning of Tornado Season)

I choose to live this is the price I pay

In a way I kinda like it...

Gives me a reason to curl up with my, hot cocoa and all that jazz..

So wish me luck and let me fill you in on some really good stuff that I have for you.

First of all...

If you missed the webinar Wednesday night you DEFINITELY want to catch it.

We decided to let everyone who missed it have another chance to see it.

This webinar was all about branding YOURSELF as THE EXPERT in your niche.

You can still catch it

Then I have a few nice little pieces of content that may help you out with your business...


Here's an oldie but a goodie...

Someone mentioned something to me and it made me pull up a blog post from 2013 where I covered Overcoming Objections

If you have been having trouble with objections, this post can really help you understand how to get past them.

And speaking of mentors (which I wasn't)...have you met mine?

I'm sharing a video clip of Diane Hochman at one of our Top Earner Hangouts.

Plus I'm sharing a couple of great clips from a couple of events we did.

I want you to meet James Lavelle and Duke Tubtim...

Two of the AMAZING people I work with.

These videos will INSPIRE you!

Dreams are the Rocket Fuel for Success

Duke Tubtim at Anaheim, CA meeting

Ok...that's it for today...

That should keep you busy for a while :)

You have a good one.

And watch out for the SNOWBALLS I throw at you!

NOT! We don't get snow...we get TORNADOES...*sigh* At least snow would be fun...

See you later,


P.S. To all my Bootcampers...I still have a present for you.

I had a little relapse with my cold and I was not able to record what I wanted for you...

But it's coming :)


MLSP Business Center Launch Webinar
Overcoming Objections
Top Earner Hangout
Dreams Are The Rocket Fuel For Success
Duke Tubtim in Anaheim

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