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Lock Up Your Prospects! Plus Big Announcement
March 18, 2019

Oh the weather outside is frightfully unpredictable!

One day it's warm and sunny! The next day it's cold and rainy! And then we have some days when it feels like we're in for a 4th winter!

So tired of it and looking forward to Spring bigtime...At least then the rain is WARM

But hey...I choose to live in Arkansas and this is what I get...right???

And I know there are a lot of people who would love to be right here about now.

So in the meantime I thought I'd send you some junk.

If you have been part of the Ninja Marketers group, then you know I've been asking some questions lately...

Like are you building your network consistently?

And do you have a conversion process?

I'm trying to get you to look at the state of your business and see what you need to work on.

So yes...I'm talking about capture pages and lead magnets and conversion processes.

Ways to lock up your prospects so you can drip your stuff on them at your leisure.

None of this is difficult.

I have teenagers doing it and I have grandmas doing it!

Heck, even I can do it and I'm technology challenged!

No matter what your skill level you CAN create capture pages and systems for your business.

I'll be teaching this in the Ninja Bootcamp now that my voice is back, again...

If you're not part of the Bootcamp, let me know...

We can get you on a trial for the group and you can see how it works.

Tomorrow night we get into how to recruit leads like crazy!

It's EASIER than you think!

And now for all of you that have been waiting...

I know some of you have seen my posts about a new "Secret Weapon"...

One that will TRANSFORM your business...

TRANSFORM your bank account...

Its a game-changer. (seriously)

And I've been sharing the link to the webinar thatexplained how it works.

What you will be able to do with this brand NEW solution:

* Step Into Your Leadership

* Attract More Leads

* Make More Sales

* Get More Sign-Ups Rejection FREE

* Build Your Dream Business in 2019

* Create Cash Like a Top Earner, period

* And so SO much moreā€¦

Well here's the big announcement!

It all goes away tonight at 9pm EST

So if you want in, you have until then to join us.

This brand new innovation is proven to give you an unfair advantage over everybody in your niche, period.

This is going to send shock-waves across the profession, and you deserve to hear it straight from the founders themselvesā€¦

So check out the Launch Webinar and then make the decision to change your business and your life FOREVER

More coming tomorrow!

You'll be STUNNED by the footage!!

And you may just laugh a bit too.

Let's just say that when I get teaching there's NO HOLDS BARRED and I let it ALL hang out.

If you want to see me looking all professional you need to look elsewhere because that is just not my style!

The only thing I love more than marketing (aside from my family of course) is teaching YOU how to market and earn more money.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing a student BREAK THE BANK and ROCK IT with the techniques I teach.

They are so darn simple if you will just DO THEM!

Of course, first you gotta show up...

Read what I share...

Watch the videos...

Attend the webinars...

I still haven't learned how to just download all this stuff straight into your head!

Okey Dokey...

I'm outta here...

Cooking a shrimp feast for the hubby...

Now that it's just the two of us, I can cook things my kids wouldn't touch.

And while we now get to dine in peace...

In my heart I WISH they were around to complain about the food more often.

But both of my girls are moving...And taking the grandkiddos with them, of course...

One to San Diego. One to Ft. Wayne, Indiana. And this grandma's heart is aching....

But that is life...



See ya tomorrow...



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