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February 07, 2014

How do you know you’ve chosen the right path? When you talk about what you do, it should be like telling a love story. That’s what I was taught by Richard Kall in the mid 1990’s…and it’s still true today.

I just met with a small group of people who are…”the future top leaders of this company.” They were in Dallas on other business matters and we decided to take advantage of the time. We bonded like brothers and sisters…who had been separated at birth. There is nothing like the intense energy and emotions when you are like minded…and on a mission together.

There is difference in “a huge meeting” and “huge mentoring.” So what’s the difference? A huge meeting wears off in a week or two. Most who attend will be in another meeting just like that in 24 months. Their business will not change… because they have not changed. It’s not their fault…unless…they read this and decide to stay where they are.

Huge mentoring not only creates a successful person, but something money can’t buy…a priceless lifelong relationship.

So who wants to get out of the never ending “big meetings” and get on the inside of…”true high level mentoring?” I just opened the door for you….will you walk through…or close the door?
Team Quanta

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