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It's SO Predictable...
February 22, 2016

I am cracking up right now...

Seriously CRACKING UP.

If you got my email the other day I invited guests to attend a webinar with Ron Gelok III.

The topic was how to how to put your lead generation on autopilot.


It was a AWESOME webinar.

Really high level stuff.

But the reason I am cracking up right now is that the subject line of the email I sent was


And I explained to the class WHY I used that subject line and WHY it was so irresistible.

And right now I am giggling as I just saw that the open rate on the email was over FIFTY PERCENT!!!


Yet I knew it would happen.

I spend my days on a crusade to teach you guys that you do not need to be an internet PRO to get silly results.

You don't need to know much about HITS, CLICKS and ANALYTICS to make money.

The answer lies in understanding PEOPLE and what drives them.

Do you know why the subject line KNOCK KNOCK was so darn IRRESISTIBLE???

If are in DOO DOO.

And if you do...well then let me ask you this...

Are you TRULY using what you ALREADY know to expand your business?

Very few do.

That is why I am doing a special call tonight at 9:00 pm est

The topic is:

To The Extent That You Resist Your Greatness Is To The Extent That You Are Ruled By Other People.

It is TIME that you realized that to a large extent that the only thing holding you back is YOU!

Come by the call tonight and let's work on this

9:00 pm


Pass code 534182

And if you want trial access to my private calls just let me know.

No problem.

You are the only one who knows if I can help you.

Just write me and say LET ME IN

And I will.

When you come by the call tonight bring a KNOCK KNOCK joke for laughs.

Go and find a good one.

It's all in good fun...right???

Live a little and let's have a few giggles before we DIG DEEP into what's holding you from your destiny.

Ok..Breakfast and see you tonight...


P.S. Are you following me on Twitter?

Tweet cha later!!!!


Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. -Albert Einstein

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