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It Isn't Perfect
May 02, 2018

You've heard the spiel...

No boss!No alarm clock!Unlimited residual income!Financial freedom!Time freedom!Little to no investment required!Low risk!

It sure sounds perfect, doesn't it? Who wouldn't love to work with something like this? It sounds great!

And it is. But like everything that sounds too good to be true, there is a catch.

Network marketing can be hard.

Think about it. Most of you have probably already joined a Network Marketing company. You might even still be with them, although many of you have already quit.

Did you see any of the "unlimited residual income"? Were you able to quit your job and spend endless hours on the beach living a life of leisure? Probably not. Does that mean it's a scam like all people say? Your friends all laughed at you when you tried to recruit them. Did they all just know better than you? Or maybe you just aren't cut out to run your own business. And besides, network marketing isn't a REAL business anyway. Isn't it some sort of pyramid scheme? No wonder it didn't work!

Let me tell you the secret to network marketing. That thought process is why you didn't see all the benefits promised. Because deep in your heart, you don't believe it's a real business. Deep down inside, you still have doubts that it's a legal, legitimate, profitable business-model. You aren't sure you are capable of running your own business. On some level, you may not even be sure you deserve to be that successful. And you're working with and trying to recruit people who feel the same way.

The world is full of people who think network marketing is a scam. They've been raised to believe that the only way to be successful is to get a "good" education, get a "good" job, work all the time, save as much as you can, and then retire. And that used to be true. But if you look around now, you will see that times have changed. People with "good" educations and "good" jobs aren't saving enough to retire. Some aren't even making enough to live well.

So if network marketing has all these faults, how do some people make BIG money? Simple. They broke free of the old mindsets that hold most people back. They embraced network marketing whole-heartedly. They went "all in" from the day they joined their companies and never looked back.

They acknowledged that this is a legitimate, legal, and VERY PROFITABLE business model.

They understood that it is a REAL business and like any real business, will require work.

They understood that any business requires an investment - of time, of money, of resources - to succeed. And so they obtained the tools and training necessary to ensure their success. They were not afraid to invest their time and money in improving their skills, knowing they would reap the rewards down the road.

They knew that no alarm clock didn't mean they could sit around all day and do nothing. Most of them still get up early in the morning. Because businesses don't run themselves. They are willing to work HARD for 3-5 years so they can live hard and play hard afterwards.

They took responsibility for their own success or failure. Low risk doesn't mean no risk. They knew they weren't going to recruit Aunt Sue, Cousin Jimmy, and Brother Bob and then retire. They knew they had to find the right people, with the same mindset they had. And then they had to work with their new team and train them and teach them the right way to build their business. They knew that they had to learn all they could about sales and marketing and their products and the comp plan. And they knew if they didn't do these things, they would fail but it would be their fault. Not the company's fault. Not the product's fault. Not network marketing's fault.

These are the people who have built a great business inside network marketing. No, it's not perfect. It takes work. It takes commitment. It takes investment. But do you want to know why it's better than anything else? Because you can do it too. You just need to embrace the mindset that says it's possible. Then go "all in" until you reach your goals. Unlimited residual income. No boss. No alarm clock. FREEDOM! Try doing that with your job!

Ready to get started with the best company today? Let's find out!


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