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Yes...Of Course I Sell That! I Just Don't Do Launches!
February 27, 2019

I want to share something with you...

I mentioned it at the end of my last letter...

YES..I sell that (whatever you are looking for)...

I just don't talk much about it

What does that mean Melodieann?'s how I think...and's kinda weird in this industry...

But I am not of this industry.. I am of THE REAL WORLD.

So think about this...

Take your local grocery store for instance...

They sell so many things...

Heck..they sell thousands and thousands of things...


So ask yourself...

When you walk in the there anyone pitching you milk and eggs at the door???

Or do they have a person stationed at the customer service desk who's job it is to help YOU find what YOU want?

And then once a week they have a flyer come out that lists some specials and so on...


So that's how I operate.

I sell everything and anything you need for your business.

And I station myself at the "customer service desk" and answer your questions and help you purchase EXACTLY what YOU need.

This way I build up a clientele of people who trust me and they come in time and time again and buy stuff from me again and again and again and OH...did I mention again???

This is what allows me to maintain the size of the business I do out of my home without a big outsource team and without all kinds of hoop-di-do (I love that word. Can you tell?)I have NO INTEREST in having a big company...

I wanted a very successful SMALL BUSINESS that I could do around my family...

And that is what I have built.

So to answer the question that many of you have...

Why doesn't Melodieann get in on all the launches and win cars and trips and iPads???


I think that by doing that and by engaging in manipulative sales practices with inflated bonuses upon purchase and using psychological triggering sales gimmicks that induce a purchase and then leave people with buyers regret is detrimental to YOU and to MY BUSINESS.

And I think that letting people see me all over Facebook, You Tube and Twitter hawking someone else's stuff causes a deep distrust in the subconscious mind of my prospect base.

The Home Depot doesn't do that...

Supermarkets don't do that...

Walmart doesn't do that

Target doesn't do that...

And I don't either...

But YES...I do sell all the stuff from the launches.

I sell them to people who ask me about the products and who I feel are a good match for the product that they are inquiring.

For example...

I have been an affiliate with SoloBuildIt for many years...

I have used this product for 5 years and have several people who have purchased it through me.

If you want to see it you can peek HERE

It's not an expensive package but it is not for everyone but it is also an all inclusive set up for any business and if you look at it from that standpoint it's a GREAT value.

So anyway..the other night one guy whom I have known for ages asked me about it and I felt it was a good fit (Hi AR!) and I sent him my link and he bought it and now I will help him.

Yesteday another person asked me about it and I encouraged them NOT to buy it as they are a beginner, not even sure what their brand or business is, and in my opinion not ready to go for this.

This is how I roll.

And this is how I do thousands in sales every month with all different things.


Providing SERVICE

So YES...I sell that,...

I promote MLSP. If you want a link to join..just ask..and YES..I am VERY familiar with what Brian and Norbert teach..

And YES..I sell their other products as well...I just do not PROMOTE them in a big way

I sell Instant Teleseminar.

I sell AWeber and use it myself.

I sell all the launches if I have used the product or studied with the creator and I know their work.

You'll just RARELY see me "humping them" unless I feel it's something really important to my list as a whole.

I generally just mention them in passing like I am doing now...

But I really want you to "GET" my thought process here so you can understand WHY I seem so different than the rest.

So if you are ever looking for something and you need help...

Just stroll up to my "customer service desk" and ask me.

I will show you where it is...what aisle it's on in my 'store"

And you can bet that I will be here if you have an issue with the product.

But be clear...YOU need to do the work...YOU need to USE the product.

One of the trends I am not fond of on the net is the LAUNCH MENTALITY

The idea of slamming as many sales as you can as quick as you can and then seeing what sticks.

Then wait 90 days and do another launch.

We are seeing a trend of VERY EXPENSIVE products that become obsolete within months.

I am into a product that will serve me in YEARS TO COME which is why I lean towards copy writing with Debra Jason and blogging with ProBlogger and good old fashionednetworking training with the likes of Ray Higdon

I dig long standing tech products like Aweber and most anything else that will stand the test of time and serve you best.

I have been in the game over 20 years...not like some of the kids out there.

I've seen it all so I don't jump on every new bandwagon.

I grew up in the 60s and 70s when you went to a store and they HELPED YOU.

You know what...maybe I am super old fashioned...


But what I do know and what I have been told by many of my colleagues is that I have developed a following of some of the most LOYAL and incredible people out there.

And of that I am PROUD.

If you want a free iPad I am not the vendor for you...

You can find those guys anywhere...

And no...

I am not going to inundate you with inflated promises so I can win an affiliate prize myself.

To me...YOU are the prize ...

Your trust and continued business.

So that's how I think...

The only things you WILL see me continually promoting are the things I have created myself..

The Daily MoneyMaker Challenge

And Work Less Earn More

Or How to Get Started Ghostwriting, the first in the Boomer Business Series, which is my baby!

I KNOW that I am sending you LONG letters lately

There's a reason for it.

These are critical times for you.

And I want to be here WITH YOU as you plot your course for the future.

Only a small percentage of people who are on my list will take the time to read the things I am sending you.

Only a few will access the resources I share.

And I am COOL with that.

I am just looking for the handful who are DEAD SERIOUS about preparing themselves for the year ahead...

I like to put special stuff at the end of my notes as I know that very few will even bother to read this far.

I like to SPEAK INTO YOU down here as I know that if you are reading my words that you are ON THE BALL and part of the people I speak of.

The few who will DO what they need to DO in order to protect their families and to improve their way of life.

I am offering so much free stuff right now for a reason.

I am sure that I was BORN to serve in the times that are about to come upon us.

And I am sure that I was BORN to help YOU if you are reading this.

Let me know if you are...and let me know that you are ready to WORK.

Not for me...not for some company..but for YOU.

For your security and for your LEGACY.

See you tonight on the big MLSP webinar! I probably should have promoted this more, since it's going to be a game changer!

If you need the registration link, it's below.



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