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I Opened Up the Envelope From Visa...
May 22, 2019

Ever been in that situation?

When you are so broke that you can't pay your bills on timeso they tack on a late fee???

That's when your bills have bills!!!

And if things are really bad...

You are paying the minimum balance cause that's all you can do...

But you are a few days late so your late fee causes you to bump up over your credit limit and now they give you another fee!

So your bills have bills that have bills!!!

It's a vicious cycle.

I know all about it because I lived it before I worked my way out of that mess with my home business.

It was a long uphill climb and what was most dangerous to me during that period was FEAR and the thoughts in my own mind.

Today I have pulled up an blog post that is from last year where I discuss what my parents taught me about money and how I got past it.

Thought it might help you just in case you have some fear and ego stuff going on in your mind.

Because I realize now that my parents were operating out of fear.

And that fear kept us poor a good portion of my life.

You can read it on my blog. update on my new venture....

I'm already making changes to my website. You can follow my progress.


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