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Hey! I just saw your post and I thought it was amazing!
October 26, 2016

Prospecting on Facebook...

Easier than you think!

Start by finding the perfect prospect.

Look in Facebook groups or on fan pages.

Look at status updates

And then - pick people who make intelligent comments

People who are smart

People who are positive


And most important - active.

If you're like most of us, you've gone through your fair share of dead weight.

When you find this person...

Send them a personal message and a friend request

(Yes, you want to send the message at the same time you are sending the friend request. Otherwise I might not know who you are - especially if we don't have friends in common. In that case, I might not accept your friend request.)

What should your initial message say?

Something simple like -

"Hey Joe, I saw your post on the <<<<< fan page and thought it was so amazing I had to message you. What do you do?"

See? So simple even I can do it! I LIKE simple!

Of course, there are a few simple rules

Do use their name in the message. Makes it more personal.

Look at their profile and find common ground. "Hey Amanda, I see you're from Pennsylvania. Me too!"

Make the initial message just a hello. Do not under any circumstances give any links!!!

Tell them why you are messaging them: "I saw your post...."

"What do you do?" Only ask this if it is not obvious on their profile. DO NO ASK THIS IF IT IS! You'll look like an idiot. Or worse - a spammer.

If you are already friends with this person but don't really know them well, the process is still the same with the message. Same message. Same rules.

Don't send more than 5 to 10 messages per day so you don't get flagged by Facebook as a spammer. You don't want to get thrown in Facebook jail!

If you get a question from Facebook, such as "do you know this person?" stop for the rest of the day and start again tomorrow.

Now..go forth and prospect!

P.S. This method also works on Instagram and Twitter! Turn off the auto DMs and actually connect with your followers!

See you on Facebook! And Twitter! And Instagram!


"To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong." --Anonymous

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