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I Just Got Back
October 10, 2017

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I’m So Excited to Be Back Doing What I Love To Do

Man has it been cold out today!

I just got back from doing a training on attraction marketing at the monthly Professional Women’s Network meeting.

On the ride home I was stuck in some horrible traffic and even though the heat works great in my car I still felt cold...

I was NOT a happy camper. I do not like the cold. And yet….

All in all...I was so in BLISS after the meeting that I soon forgot the cold as I was busy thinking and planning and plotting the next few weeks in my mind.

So far 2017 has been a great year and I intend to keep the momentum going...

But more importantly I was thinking about how I can help YOU most .

If you have been reading my emails you know by now that every Wednesday we have a webinar teaching super simple marketing tactics that you can use IMMEDIATELY


And the webinars have been a SMASH..

In fact the next one is tomorrow night at 9 pm EDT and it will be on Unlocking the Branding Secrets Behind an 8-Figure Empire and Taking YOUR Brand to the Next Level..

You DO NOT need to be a fancy marketer to learn and use these concepts and you will be FLOORED when you listen to how Brian Fanale presents this and how simple it is.

A lot of big name marketers would have you believe that you need to buy courses and fly to seminars to build a business that pays you over and over but I contend that you already know all about this ...

People will FLIP.

But make sure you register for this one.

Weekly Marketing Webinar

It WILL sell out and if you do not get on you will not have the opportunity to ask questions and truly learn this stuff.

(Yes...Glory Be... we actually answer questions on these webinars!)

So join us at 9 pm EDT Wednesday

Weekly Marketing Webinar

Listen ...

I have to tell you that Brian Fanale is a special flavor of Ice Cream...

Not for everyone...

You either "GET" him or you don't...

But just OBSERVING this man is a lesson in marketing on about 27 different levels.

I was LUCKY...

I "GOT" him two years ago and based on his work I have gone on to build a business bigger than I ever thought possible.

I don't bug you about the webinar every week (we have been doing Wednesday nights for years now) simply because I am too busy to keep reminding you but this week I really encourage you to join us.

Ok..I am outta here..

Got a secret call to take care of and Jeep Club and STUFF.

Take care and hopefully see you tomorrow night


Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, he turned into a butterfly. --Proverb

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