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Hold Your Horses!
March 19, 2019

Just a quick heads up as my email is going WILD...

No..I did not send out the video I promised.

I had a technical problem.

What's new, right! LOL!!


I'll have to share it tomorrow.

Meanwhile, let's just do this...

Tomorrow, there is a webinar with the Tech Genius of All Time.

He has pretty much saved my butt more than once.

And although he rarely works with anyone outside our "family", tomorrow he has agreed to do a webinar for anyone.

You should listen...

He will help you shatter all of your tech challenges on the spot!

Trust me on this!

Fortunately, I can get you in.

Hit reply and say TONY and I will get you the details before I send it out to everyone.

I am predicting this will fill up in record time (but hey...maybe I am wrong and NO ONE wants to come...who knows!)

But if you want first dibs...write me back.

(BTW...this is a fancy marketing move called an EARLY BIRD LIST)

You've seen it before but you know me...the teacher at all times...

So I thought I'd point it out :)

Just so you know...

This email is going out to my inner list which is about 5000 people...

Then I will go to my bigger list set which is about another 10k and then I will hit all the social media outlets.

I want to give YOU dibs so definitely let me know if you want in.

And I promise you that it will be worth it.

See ya tomorrow!


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