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How to Attract High-End Clients
January 09, 2019

If you don't aim to attract high-end clients you won't get high-end clients.

From what I've observed, most entrepreneurs set their sights much too low. They settle for the work they get andthink it's impossible to find the ideal clients that will actually pay them what they are worth.

Here's the basic plan. How many of these are you doing?

1. Set your goals high. Don't just say you'd like to get more high-end clients, be very specific about what you are going for. Create a written description of your ideal clients and the services or programs you could offer them. Make it full color, three dimensional and sensory rich. See and taste what you want.

2. Next, do some research on where these ideal clients can be found. You may discover unexpected places, as I have found. I always assumed that I would have a hard time finding anyone willing to pay the $1500 a month I charge for my social media coaching here in Arkansas. I was wrong!

3. Write up in great detail the high-end services you plan to offer. Be very specific as to the need for these services, the outcomes you deliver, the benefits your clients receive and the structure of these services. You can't sell a service or program that you haven't designed and made tangible. Put this on your web site.

4. Study, learn and master the best selling process for thisservice. That is, script the selling process for prospects who are ready to explore doing business with you. I often recommend you do this before starting any marketing, because when you are clear about your ideal clients and have packaged the ideal service for them, it's not unusual that opportunities arise very quickly (usually in your current network) to meet and engage in selling conversations.

5. Finally, develop a very focused marketing campaign to getexposure for these services. If you have a large list of prospects, that's where to start with very direct and personal outreach to educate them about your services. If you don't have a list, the most effective marketing strategy is some kind of presentation or talk to groups both locally and nationally. For instance, my talk at Authority Maker Bootcamp attracted five participants to the SocialMedia Mastery Program.

Five very basic steps. Quite simple, really, but perhaps not so easy to do unless you have the know-how.

Meet someone who is very good at attracting those high-endclients. She can teach you a lot!

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