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Health and Wellness
April 13, 2018

Your ideal lifestyle - financial freedom? Surrounded by loving family and friends? Travel? Hobbies?

Whatever your dreams are, none of them matter if you don't have one thing...

Your health.

Money, family, friends, travel...

All pointless if you are too sick to get out and enjoy them.

I know! That is part of what started me on my weight loss journey.

When I became so overweight that I couldn't keep up with my grandchildren I knew I had to make a change.

So today we focus on our vision for our health and wellness.

Do you dream of becoming a triathlete? Great! Go for it!

Is taking a daily walk with your spouse more your speed?

That's fine too. This is your vision for your ideal lifestyle.

The point here is to determine what health and wellness looks like in your ideal future.

Then set that vision in your mind. Create a representation of it that you can look at whenever you need a reminder of where you are headed. Then with that vision firmly locked in place, set your goals to reach it and GO!

My vision includes losing the last of the excess weight I've carried around for years. So I'm off to the gym!

Maybe I'll see you there!


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