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Let's Get Ready For The Holidays!
November 09, 2017

I have a gift for you ...

But before I tell you..

Let me give you the first of my promised trainings...

6 Steps to Happy Holidays!

I did this back in 2009

If this is the first time you’ve ever thought about a special promotion for your business during the holiday season, you need to get started right away.

Experienced marketers often put months of planning into their holiday promotions. You only have a few weeks left.

Let’s get planning!

6 Steps to Happy Holidays

Now…one other thing…

As we get close to the start of a new year…

The time of year when many people start thinking about starting…

Or quitting…

Or changing…

A home business.

Before you do, check out my blog post

Building a Home Business

Because quitting or changing are probably not the answer.

It’s not what you’re promoting that is the problem.

It’s your sales and marketing.

And last thing...

If you replied to my last email about getting your piece of the pie..

I have not forgotten about you.

I just got an avalanche of replies.

So hang tight.

The info I promised is COMING!

So now let’s get down to the gift...

Remember the show Let's Make A Deal?

I think it’s still on…isn’t it??


On let's make a deal if you were the contestant you were offered a prize and given the option of trading the prize for what was behind "curtain # 2" etc.

You never knew what was going to be behind a curtain or in the box...

Could be a BRAND NEW CAR...

Or it could be a ZONK

Well today I am going to make you an offer

Kind of like let's make a deal but I promise you that there are NO ZONKS.

It's a game of PROSPERITY...

A game of TRUST...

And a game I am pretty sure will make you very happy if you join in.

Now let me be up front and tell you that this game is NOT for everyone.

If you are pretty new to hanging around with me I totally suggest you PASS.

If there is anything in your being that thinks I am running a SCAM...

Then also PASS.

But if you have been in my loop for a while and you want to hear a story and check out the GIFT...

Go here

Check it out and if you do decide to play..

Make sure you send me an email with your PHONE # ASAP

We start Monday!


I have stuff to do...

It's a crazy day and I need to run errands before my granddaughter’s orchestra concert tonight.

CAN’T WAIT! Always excited to listen to my fellow cellist.

She is the joy of my heart!


Whenever you see a successful person you only see the public glories, never the private sacrifices to reach them. --Vaibhav Shah

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