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Football and Graffiti Aspens
August 30, 2017

Once in a while I just have to stop and smell the roses.

This is a big week in the Whiteley household and as much as I am PASSIONATE about my business and what I do...

I am MORE passionate about my kids and grandkids.

And it’s the start of football AND soccer AND dance season…

And I have rising stars in each of those!

They are the one of the reasons I started this whole thing...

To BE with them.

So tonight I am NOT doing anything...

Fortunately, my friend Jesse Jameson is because I will be…

Hanging out at Painting with a Twist to paint Graffiti Aspens…

So while I am doing my best to paint something that faintly resembles a tree…

(artistic I most definitely am NOT!)

you go hang out with Jesse at 9 pm est.

He is going to teach you all about this crazy new thing called Many Chat…

Facebook Messenger marketing is going to be hot. And Many Chat is going to make it easy!

9 pm est

Here’s the link to register

Weekly Marketing Webinar

And since I am goofing off tonight I might as well confess that I goofed offlast night too.

I completely skipped the Presidents call because I was with my favorite little man, Carter...

Carter is my grandson (15 years old and he'd scream if he knew I called him little.)

Last night was football night.

Yes...I am a gushing grandmother...what can I say.

Truth is I RARELY share personal stuff in my business world but this week is just too wonderful for me to keep it all business.

I mean really...isn't being able to do stuff like this with the kids and grandkids what it's all about???

Sometimes people get so caught up they lose sight of that so I wanted you to see WHY I do what I do and WHY I was so determined to figure this game out.

I only have a few years left with #1 grandson before he flies off to college so I need to make EVERY moment count.

Couple of other tidbits and then I am gone...

1) I’ve been working hard on getting the schedule together for the Success Stories. So far, guests include Andy Shepherd, Suzanah Platt, Gwendolyn Crewes Weiler, Terri “The Martini Diva”, and several more.

They are checking schedules for dates that we both are available and then we’ll get it rolling!

2) If you requested to be considered for my special project that I have coming up and you have not heard from me...I am still getting through the whole list but it may be a good idea to shoot me a love note and jump around a bit. I have so many emails piled up on that it would be helpful to me if you would let me know you read this and still want the scoop.

I have spoken to a ton of people but I know there are a ton more who wanted to hear what I have up my sleeve.


I guess that's it.

I should write more often so the emails are not that long but HEY...I do what I can...

You know???

Around tomorrow night if you need me but for now I am getting ready to PAINT and DRINK WINE….

It doesn’t get any better than that!

Talk later,


P.S. I did write a blog post today…

I think it made an important point.

Love to know what you think…

Check it out and share your thoughts!

Marching To the Beat of My Own Drum

If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got. --Anonymous

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