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April 17, 2018

For most of us, the ideal lifestyle includes financial freedom.

This does not necessarily we all desire to be millionaires.

What freedom TRULY means is that we no longer have to trade our time for money.

The vast majority believe that is how to prosper...

We get a good job and save all we can until we retire.

There are, however, those that want more.

And so they go into business for themselves....

As lawyers, doctors, restaurateurs, coaches, consultants, etc....

The problem is...

They are still trading time for money.

If they aren't working, they don't get paid.

TRUE freedom comes when, instead of working for your money...

You make your money work for you.

So what does your ideal financial lifestyle look like?

Today is the day to create your financial vision.


This is the last day of the Vision Board Journal Workshop.

I hope you enjoyed it.

Looking forward to seeing your Vision Boards!

Post them in the Ninja Marketers FB Group.

Or create a Pinterest Vision Board!

I have lots of cool stuff planned for the summer.

Can't wait to share it.

Talk soon!


Vision Board Journal Workshop

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