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Are You Tired of Being Challenged?
December 07, 2018

When you set big goals you inevitably face challenges.

In a training last week, I spoke about the fact that when you set a BIG GOAL, you will also face BIG CHALLENGES.

Remodeling a room will entail certain challenges, but remodeling my entire home has multiplied those challenges a thousandfold.

In my Mastery Program, I work with people who set big goals and subsequently face big challenges. And what happens sometimes is that they get "challenge weary." I guess it's akin to battle fatigue.

You know how it goes:

You set a goal and make a plan and set out with great hope and enthusiasm. It's all going swimmingly for awhile until you hit the proverbial bump in the road. "Oh, nobody's responding to that message that I thought was so great! What am I going to do next?"

Now you're a little wearier, a little warier. Should you stay on course, make some changes, try something completely different, or give up self-employment and get a "real job."

You are not sure what to do as you don't want to squander your time and resources going in a direction that shows little promise.

What I've seen with so many entrepreneurs is they'veall but given up on marketing. The above scenario has beenrepeated too many times and they're not just challenge weary, but resigned. Their marketing efforts become limited to a little networking and follow-up and of, course, doing the best job they can for existing clients, hoping for referrals.

Sounds kind of depressing, doesn't it?.

I talk a lot about all the things an entrepreneur needs to do to market themselves successfully. But in the face of challenge weariness, this just looks like more work thatwon't lead anywhere. So why bother?

Today, I'm going to give several little things to combat challenge weariness. They work cumulatively. Take a few and run with them!

1. Write down one big bodacious goal and make itas real and as three-dimensional as possible. Think about it, write about it, draw pictures of it until it is startlingly REAL.

2. Write a very long list of associates and potential clients. Then call them up: one-person-at-a-time. Then say, "Hey, we haven't talked for awhile, what's up?" When I do this, amazing new opportunities open up.

3. Sit down with a friend to talk about your goals, dreams and plans about your business. You are not allowed to talk about problems or challenges - even for a minute.

4. Plan your week every single week. You have a million things to do, I know. But on your weekly list only write down the few things you are committed to completing that week. That way, when you get them done, you've won. And that's energizing.

5. If you get stuck, just do The Work. Examine the situation and determine if it's a genuine problem or just a limiting belief. Question your limitations. Examine your mindset.

6. Tell 1 or 2 people this week how much your appreciate them for the contributions they've made in your life and/or business.

7. Go away on a long weekend. Get some exercise. Dine out. Have some fun. A little vacation opens up your creativity but doesn't get you too anxious that you're away for so long.

8. Breathe.

9. Try journaling. Sometimes just letting thoughts flow onto paper will open your mind to new ideas. If you aren't sure what type of journal to use, check out my blog post on different types of journals.

Ok...time to go deal with some of my remodeling challenges...

Who knew choosing a new kitchen faucet would be so hard? *smile*


Different Types of Journals

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