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Business Headaches?
April 02, 2018

You know how it is…

You have a problem with your business.

It starts as something simple.

You’re spending too much time handholding recruits instead of building your team.

Your recruitment process isn’t as efficient as it should be.

And before you know it, one problem leads to another…

And instead of building your business, you are constantly distracted, putting out fires and dealing with headaches.

And when you’re running on that hamster wheel, you have very little chance of ever achieving real success.

Today, it’s time to solve those problems – once and for all!

If you understand what I'm about to tell you... If you change the way you approach the problems in your business... I absolutely, positively guarantee you that your business life will change dramatically. You'll solve problems once and for all, your business will gain the momentum it needs to get increasingly better results, and soon you'll have more free time than you can ever remember.

One of the big secrets to true business success is this: Solve recurring problems once - and solve them for good.

So, when something happens in your business that you do not like - customers aren't happy, recruits don’t stick - here's what you do. Rather than just taking care of the obvious headache in front of you, do some detective work and figure out the real source of the headache.

In other words, don't just address the headache temporarily. Instead, find the source of the problem and get rid of it forever.


Follow these steps…

1. Identify a problem in your business.

The problem is I have a new team member who isn’t building her team and is constantly complaining to me and other team members about how the business doesn’t work.

2. Reframe it as a systems problem - from who to what.

Our recruiting system is not working properly; it's recruiting whiners instead of winners.

3. Probe, get specific, and quantify to get at the root of the problem.

Let's see.... •Did I clearly explain network marketing business model?•Did I qualify properly to make sure it was a good fit?•Was training provided? And if so, how did it go?•When did the first issue surface, and was it handled appropriately?•And so on...

4. Get clear about the problem.The real problem is I’m not being selective in my recruiting. I’m still signing up anyone who raises their hand. Therefore I’m making costly mistakes.

5. Get clear about the outcome you wanted.I wanted to recruit great team members, someone who could understood the business and was eager to learn, build, and become a valuable team member to help get our business off the ground. Plus, the new recruit would go through a series of trainings to help get him/her up to speed in the shortest period of time possible. (I would actually go much further here, but you should be able to grasp the concept.)

6. Finish the sentence: "The solution is to install a system that will [outcome desired]." The solution is to install two systems:

System #1 will locate, recruit, and bring on board the ideal candidate for the business... Someone who stands to become a valuable team member in our company.

System #2 will begin training the new recruit from day one, and then continue on for the first few weeks to get the new team member up to speed and productivity as soon as possible. This system will also serve as a confirmation process that the new recruit is determined enough to do the work necessary to build a business.

7. Define the specific system solution and assign the task of creating it.Here in step seven is where the real work is done.

Once you know the outcomes you want the new system (or systems) to provide, you can go about creating the system yourself, see if your company already has something in place that you might not be using, or find an outside source.

As you can see, this process is simple. But it is also extremely effective.

And ALWAYS REMEMBER: The more problems you handle this way, the fewer headaches you'll have in your business.

More importantly, the more systems you put in place, the easier it will be for your business to continually improve, and the less it needs you. Which means more time away from the business, more freedom, and ultimately more life to live..

Here's to a bigger, better team!


P.S. You all know how much I love network marketing. But it isn't perfect. Find out why here...

Network Marketing Isn't Perfect

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