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An Ah-Ha Moment!
April 02, 2019

Several months ago, I started noticing the work of a particular photographer in my circle of professional friends and colleagues. Each portrait and photo he created made his subjects look fabulous and full of life.

Then I saw he was planning to be at the same event where I was going to be speaking on a panel, I contacted him privately and asked him if he'd be willing to shoot some photos. I'm working on some new projects, new websites, and the new book and I wanted new photos I could use with them. I don't have many photos taken. But sometimes you just need some professional head shots. So we made an appointment and I even bought a new outfit for my close-up!

At the event, the photographer went scouting for locations. He had some specific requirements he was looking for - most notably the lighting. I'll tell you when he took me to the spot he chose, I was a bit surprised. The location seemed shadowy and a bit dark with a busy background I didn't like at all. But he assured me the light was being diffused perfectly, the background would melt away, and the photos would turn out great. I don't like having pictures done anyway, and I was sure these were going to be disastrous. But I trusted him and smiled anyway.

And you know what...he was right! As he snapped the photos, he'd occasionally show me the digital images in his camera and even the raw footage was better than I could have imagined. For once I actually LIKED my photos!

That was my ah-ha moment. I was reminded that working with a true expert will yield amazing results every time.

There are some important lessons for all entrepreneurs and business owners when deciding to work with professionals to partner with or hire to help you with some aspect of your business. You hire an expert because they know their stuff.


1.Trust the Expert: You may think you know better, like I did about the photo shoot location, but people who are great at what they do make decisions and work with you in certain ways for a reason. Rely on their expertise.

2.Trust Yourself: Most of us don't make knee-jerk decisions when choosing a professional to work with. Just because you don't agree with something right away, if you did your due diligence and know the person you hired is right, trust yourself and the process you went through to arrive at your decision. Until you see lack luster results despite your best efforts, feel good in knowing you did the right thing.

3.Trust the Process: Most experts have a process they either created or tweaked from other experts that truly works. It may seem like madness to a non-expert, but they know what they are doing. Don't try to skip steps, jump ahead, or make it "better" for you.

So the next time you are working with a coach, or trainer, or some other expert, the work, follow the steps, trust the process, and you'll get the rewards!


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