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Basking in the Afterglow
October 22, 2018

Last night was sort of a marketing LOVE FEST...

(and yes, I wore my Love Glasses!)

Over 400 squealing internet marketing aficionadosgathered together to learn about how to get peopleto give you money...

By writing fun and quirky letters like this one!By letting your personality shine through on Facebook Live!By sharing the goods via video!

And it has gotten me thinking that maybe it is timeto create a Facebook group to dissect just howall this works and how a tech-challenged grandmotherlike me was able to build a business sharing family stories and posts filled with Star Trek referencesamong other things.


I write my letters to amuse myself...

When I go live, it's because I have something on mymind that needs to be said RIGHT NOW!

And my videos may not be polished and professional but then, neither am I!

I make jokes. I throw in song lyrics and SCI FI referencesand all kinds of crazy stuff that my tribe finds delightful.

Then when they have a cool connection with me, I showthem what I am up to and...

Low and Behold!

A bunch of them buy stuff!

It's crazy and it's kooky!

Some may even call it WHACKY!

But me...

I just call it MARKETING.

And golly gee Batman...

It works!

So let me know if you think setting up a groupto dissect some of this would be of interest.

It would be free and you could invite anyone in thehome business industry you like...

But of course there would be no posting of your blog postsand your EXTRA SPECIAL Live videos.

Just straight up marketing talk...

If we have a consensus then I'll get it going.

So let me know.

And in the meantime, I will continue to bask in the AFTERGLOW of last night's love fest.

Sending some high fives out to my partners in "video crime".

You know who you are!!!

Ahhh me...the warmth and fuzziness of it all

Ciao Me Amores...



FREEDOM!!!...she cried as she rode off into the sunset...And she lived happily ever after...

P.S. It's a good thing I'm learning all this stuff from people who know!

Because what I learned from my mom and dad was all the WRONG stuff!

Like what my parents taught me about money!

Can you relate?

What My Parents Taught Me About Money

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