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I Have An Achy Breaky Heart
May 01, 2019


It has been so nuts recently I have not been able to keep up...

But let's just say that A LOT has been happening and A LOT has changed and by the end of April, we seem to once again be on an even keel!

So here's the update for those who haven't kept up with me on Facebook ...which, by the way, was about the only place I managed to show up on regularly.

Dearl's surgery went well but in the process they discovered he has a degenerative bone disease in his jaw. So they are recommending more surgery. Right now we are discussing what all this means for him before we make any decisions.

Carter's surgery went well. No sign of cancer. No sign of infection. Which should be good news, right? And it is! But we are now right back where we were. No idea what is really wrong with him. Doctors think it may be Chronic Recurrent Multifocal Osteomyelitis. But it isn't really behaving like CRMO normally does. So we watch and wait....

Austin's surgery went well. The tumor was removed. Yes it was cancer, but the vet thinks they got it all. So now we watch and wait.

(Yes, Austin is my Yorkie... Yes, he is part of the family... No, he is not "just a dog.")

My daughter and her family are moving to Indiana. So the last of my grandchildren are leaving the area. And this grandma's heart is breaking for two of them...

Only two, because grandson Carter is not moving. He will be a senior in high school and asked to stay here to finish his senior year. So it was agreed that we would look after him until he graduates. It's been a while since I've parented a teenager! I'm grateful that he is a good kid. But it does mean a definite change to the household routine!

I apologize for not keeping up with everything. My heart aches every time I have to let spending time with all of you slide so I can care for my family.

But, after all...that's why we do what we do, right? So we have the option of walking away from everything else to be with our families?

So I'm am once again back in the thick of it. And hopefully, it will be better in the future.

My family will still deal with their health issues. But I met someone over the weekend who is helping me condense and consolidate all of my stuff so it's easier to manage.

So watch for a few things to move or maybe even disappear...

PLUS..I have a secret to tell you!

So keep up with me on Facebook so you don't miss out....

Later Gator...


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