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Quick Biz Tip - Use a Proven Marketing Strategy
May 02, 2014

Most business owners and marketers make the following mistake. They spend money on advertising and then sit back and wait for results. Or they put up a web site and sit back and wonder why so few people are buying from it.

It's spring here in Arkansas, and time to plant my garden. Now I could just throw a handful of seeds onto a patch of soil and wait for them to grow. And do you know what I will get? At best, a few scraggly plants. Most likely, I will get nothing. No. I need to water and weed and fertilize and check their progress at least once a week. Only then will I be blessed with a thriving garden.

In marketing as in gardening, a simple strategy will help those leads turn into clients and you'll have healthy profits. Without a proven marketing strategy you'll just end up wasting your time and money.

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